Instructing spin classes: Working Out for Others.

I am LOVING teaching spin. It rocks my socks. I don’t even realize I am working out because I am focused on watching participant’s form, calling out time, gears, rpms, giving people warning for the next drill, encouraging everyone, and prepping myself for the next drill. It is so much FUN and I love seeing people sweat and hopefully having a good time! People look so tired DURING the class but afterwards I love seeing the smiles… or maybe they were grimaces 😉 I just make up for it with tons of enthusiasm!


I am always on a major endorphin high when I get home from teaching!


I am trying to switch up my playlist each class, throwing some of my favourite songs in to each class but incorporating new ones to keep things interesting. I usually type out a lesson plan so I can remind myself what I had planned for each song. Yesterday my printer ran out of ink so I took some old school notes to class… the amount of information I tried to fit on that page meant one TOUGH class.


I think my favourite song of the night was “Womanizer” by Britney Spears. It’s not a new song but it made for a fun drill. We did a sequence of standing run –> hover/slide –> sit. It was fabulous! Music makes a HUGE difference in a spin class and I love having some great beats to help guide people to the target RPM for my drill. It was really appropriate that I used the song “Sweat.”

spin songs

music can make a difference

Last class someone had left the headset microphone on and the batteries had run out so I had to take the batteries out of the remote to put in the headset. In case this ever happens again and I don’t have a back-up, I am now that weird girl that has batteries in her spin bag.


I think being on the other side of a spin class has made me love working out FOR people. I am usually obsessed with my average rpm, my calorie burn, and my watts, but being the instructor I am obsessed with everyone ELSE getting the most bang for their workout buck and it feels pretty good. Pushing people harder makes ME work harder because I want to set a good example!

Random: Costco grapes are SO GOOD right now. These juicy suckers were a perfect post-spin treat!


In case there are any local readers; I teach at Clareview Rec Centre (gorgeous new centre in NE Edmonton) on Tuesdays at 6:30-7:30pm and Thursdays at 6:00-7:00pm. Come check it out!! I promise you a good workout!

Have you tried a spin class?!

What is your current favourite workout song?!


  1. I now need to get to Costco! ha ha But seriously I love when grapes are good like that.
    Teaching spin seems like a fun class to teach. I’m on the other side cursing the instructor who seems so peppy when I’m dying.

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