January Recap and February Goals.

For the month of January I challenged myself to complete THIS “Core Challenge” every day. I am 97% sure I did it every day but some nights I would lay and in bed and forget whether I had actually done it that morning at the gym or if I that had been the day before. Long days and I can’t even remember what I did in the morning… it’s sad. Nevertheless, it is HARD and I don’t think it got easier over the course of the month!

i tried

I logged over 160 miles this month (running and walking) which got me off to a great start for my 2015 miles in 2015 challenge! I will be starting marathon training in NINE days. I was working on my training plan last night and it is stressing me out. I haven’t done a speed workout in MONTHS and it is terrifying. Due to my focus on marathon training in February my goals for the month are going to be food focused instead of mileage or strength or squats or something.


I have brushed the dust off of my DSLR camera and have vowed to use it more this month. I have also fallen into a hummus-carrots-pita er’ day routine and I need to switch up my meals and spend more time preparing food in the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve stayed nutritious with my meals, but in a very bland monotonous kind of way. I love to cook and try new recipes and food but due to busyness at work and school and laziness when I am home, I just haven’t been quite the foodie I want to be!

This month I am doing to try 4 new foods, test 4 new recipes, develop a signature recipe of my own, and work on my food photography skills. I like being primarily a running and fitness blogger but when I DO post picture of food I prefer they not be the worst food photos in the entire world. The recipes that I try are going to be dishes that have always scared me to make – the ones I order in restaurants because I know for sure I would never make them at home. Time to face my fear and develop some culinary skills! Here are examples of dishes I plan to make! These recipes are all from Jamie Oliver

Mushroom Risotto


Southern Indian Vegetable Curry


Corn Chowder


Vegan Sheppards Pie


Even something like a simple corn chowder scares me to make. I don’t know why, I am just a huge perfectionist and don’t want to fail! I’ll have to make these dishes when no one in my household is home and once I have nailed them I will serve them to friends and family 😉 I am really excited for this challenge because it will truly challenge me! I think I will have to set aside designated times to cook, photograph, eat, and blog about it because if not I will procrastinate hard on this one!

Yesterday, after a super warm (for Canadian winter standards) January, it started snowing. I think we are going to have to get used to winter all over again now! I’ll just stay by my fireplace and read and drink tea until spring arrives…


How did YOU do with your January goals?

Do you have any February goals?

What is one recipe that scares YOU?

Do you have any food photography tips?


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