Motivation Monday: January 26.

After a solid week of workouts last week, my main motivation for awesome exercise this week comes from my new workout clothes. No joke. I love new workout clothes and the brightness of my tights is directly related to how happy I will be wearing them! I feel like everyone has either started training for races, signed up for a bunch this year, or is even in the middle of training and there is tons of inspiration floating around the blogosphere! I found a few articles this week that also leave me no excuse not to put in quality effort with all workouts this week!

Motivation Monday

  • I don’t remember the last time I wore jeans, or real pants for that matter. I wear tights every. single. day. It’s not because I don’t like jeans, because I used to think they were the comfiest things around, but because I have strong muscles in my legs. My legs aren’t “fat” or “too big” and I am honestly really proud of how strong my quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves are, but they don’t fit very well in jeans. Fitting my muscles means a gaping waist or terrible fit elsewhere so I have resorted to leggings all day ‘er day. THIS company might change my mind and my wardrobe. Jeans for athletic people!


  • 7 Marathons. 7 Continents. 7 Days. You read that right. 12 people paid a race fee of no less than $45,000 to run a marathon on each continent in the span of a week. Super crazy, but super awesome! I think I would be too tired to even take in the view around me!


  • THIS is a super cool list of Dean Karnazes’ 16 favourite places to run. I can’t imagine doing those arctic ones considering I head indoors when the temperature dips before -5, but some of these shots are unreal. It makes me want to start running and running and just see where I end up.


  • Speaking of scary cold and freezing runs. How about a 100K race in the Antarctic? A smoker-turned-ultrarunner WON this event in the lovely not-as-cold-as-I-expected temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit) with a time of 9:26:02. You can check it out HERE!


  • I really thought THIS article was cool. It shows how the “perfect” female body has changed over the past 100 years. It gives a diagram of what “perfect” looked like in each decade over the last 100 years. Very interesting! The actual female body trends have looked NOTHING like this!


I have two weeks left of non-training running and I am planning on taking it easy for those two weeks. I want to head into my training plan with a base built but not over-exerted or tired in anyway. I don’t need any injuries this training cycle, please! With that said, I am loving my spin classes as cross training and I already have two doozies planned for this week! Can someone drag me back to the pool because I haven’t been there in far too long!


What is motivating YOU this week?


  1. If you’re looking for jeans you should try Monjeloco (downtown St. A). Both me and my sis – who actually lifts so she has muscular legs – have great luck with fit there.

  2. I agree, I’m so inspired by everyone’s training posts right now! I’m training for Phoenix (end of Feb) so they’ve been great motivation for me!!!

    Also, I LOVE new workout clothes. I may have just ordered a few new items online this morning….

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