Motivation Monday: January 5

First Motivation Monday post of 2015!


Ok all of your goals for 2015, challenges for the month, or new years resolutions can begin now because it is not only Monday, it is the Monday of a new month and not only that, it is the first Monday of the new year! I feel like I have still been in holiday mode so today is actually the start of the new year. Perfect time for some Motivation Monday.

Motivation Monday

  • I liked THIS Runner’s World article called the “12 Habits of Highly Motivated Runners.” Most of the items on that list were habits I had already incorporated into my life but it was neat to see how important your lifestyle is to your workouts – becoming a motivated runner sounds good to me! The biggest habit of mine that really helps my motivation: Becoming a morning runner. I plan on writing a post about this soon (aka tomorrow).

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  • Has anyone seen THIS movie: Unbroken? I really want to go see it so let me know how it is! I have watched the trailer multiple times because it looks really inspiring!


  • If your resolution this year was to become an ultra runner or even if you set a goal to run an ultra race this year, THIS video might be for you. How to Become an Ultra Runner. I have really thought long and hard about doing an ultra this year but haven’t yet worked up the courage to do one. I have only run 2 marathons (and walked a few others including an ultra of 56km) and I don’t know if I am quite ready. This video made it look scary and fun at the same time! Maybe this video will be motivation enough to convince me to register!

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If there are any ultra runners reading… what is a calf pantie?

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  • 22 Questions Every Runner Has Asked Themselves. Hilarious and super accurate. “OMG is that total hottie checking me out? How gross do I look?” has been a major thought now that a bunch of hot guys have apparently made resolutions to join and workout at my gym.


  • A look HERE at fun running gear for 2015. I follow Nick Symmonds on Twitter so I have seen a ton of talk about this Run Gum and have been SO curious! Gum with caffeine! Sign me up! I am pretty sure this guy could sell anything though… look at him. Who needs motivation when you have caffeinated gum?


  • Such a cool and inspiring story HERE. I actually hadn’t read about this before but Canadian Running Magazine wrote a great story about Mark Kent, the first man to run across Canada at the age of 17! Whaaaaaat?! He ran an average of 65km a day (1.5 marathons) and he made the whole experience sounds super easy and fun claiming it was a great way to explore Canada! How cool!


What is motivating YOU this Monday?


  1. I blogged about the Runners World article too! (great minds…) I really like the article and the insight it provides. I created a “How Motivated Are You” quiz to go along with it…check it out on my blog!
    I haven’t seen Unbroken but I really want to. My schedule is getting hectic now (the online classes I teach have started again), but I’m going to try and watch it soon 🙂

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