Protein powder cereal milk.

I don’t think that title makes any sense but I hope it does by the end of this post! Last night, using THIS spin playlist, I taught one heck of a sweaty class. It was super fun and I think everyone had a blast – I certainly did! Uptown Funk was a total hit – we did a drill of 30 second intervals of random ‘hit & holds.’ Every 30 seconds I would give a target gear and target rpm and we would hit and hold it for 30 seconds. No one knew what was coming next and it was super fun to switch it up for a song!

spin teach

Most times when I say we had a “fun” class, I mean we were sweating out of our eyeballs and wanting to vomit during most intervals… that kind of fun! I have settled into a pattern of eating dinner between 4 and 4:30 on spin days because I teach at 6:30 and 6 and do NOT want a full stomach while teaching. It’s weird to eat that early but it’s been effective! It’s just the intervals making me want to vomit and not my dinner!


After class last night I did some laundry when I got home and packed some meals for today. When I finally settled down from my endorphin high I was hungry so I went with the easier most delicious option – cereal. I took a cue from my brother to incorporate protein into this fairly carbohydrate-rich snack/meal and added protein powder to the milk before I poured it onto my cereal.

chocolate protein pwdr

I used a cup of skim milk and added just over half of a scoop of chocolate whey protein powder (we buy THIS kind from Costco). I mixed the two together so that the protein powder was mostly dissolved, as much as a protein powder can be I guess. I normally reeeeeeeally dislike the taste and texture of chocolate milk but this was pretty darn good! I think it was because it wasn’t as sweet or thick as normal chocolate milk.

cereal and milk

My selection of cereal last night included Corn Bran and Vector. We have no Shredded Wheat left so I had to resort to my not-so-favourite sweetened cereal. It was certainly a treat, especially with the chocolate protein milk. After giving my brother a look of disgust when I saw him making this concoction, I totally get it now. It doesn’t have a terrible protein powder texture and is really good! I think this would make a bowl of cereal have a lot more sustenance to it and hold you over for longer.


Just watching some Friends in the background. I never get tired of watching those episodes… ever. I am planning a decent run this morning and hopefully some strength training. Barre and spin were tough yesterday so we’ll see how my body is feeling when I get to the gym!

On a completely random and adorable note – I want to wish my parents a Happy 26th Anniversary! You can check out my post last year when they did a photoshoot with their wedding dress and suit on HERE for their 25th. These two are so cute and perfect together, I am so inspired by their love. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!


Have you ever added protein to your cereal?

What is your favourite nightly snack?


  1. Wow you are so speaking my language, I love cereal for dinner and am the hugest friends fan! I can pretty much quote the entire series, I am proud. I should definitely try protein in my cereal! Fave snack at all times = cereal 🙂

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