Thank You Note Friday.

If you haven’t seen Jimmy Fallon’s “Thank You Note” clips, this post might not make a ton of sense, but I love this idea so much I thought I’d write my own! On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, every Friday, Fallon writes a few thank-you notes to random things. Quick go watch THIS or THIS clip and then read the rest of this post.


The idea is to randomly thank things in your life, or things you have seen, for what they really do for you. His clips are so funny, like this one:


After an awesome school week full of lots of academic productivity (well… relatively), TWO fab spin classes that I taught and loved every second of, and a decent work week with amazing coworkers, I have some thank-you notes to get to. Without further ado…

Jimmy fallon

Thank you, warm weather and slush, for making me regret complaining so much about the frigid cold weather.

Shoe change

Thank you, low iron, for reminding me how important red blood cell production is for the tiredness of your body. (More on this in a future post!)


Thank you, young adult Oscar nominees, for reminding me just how little I have accomplished thus far in my life… I swear, I’m just pacing myself.


Thank you, yogurt in my work lunch, for giving me the opportunity to have to go buy a new lunch bag.


Thank you, headphones, for allowing me the option not to talk to people on the bus, even when I don’t actually have my iPod with me.

Thank you, “protein pancakes,” for making my post-spin chocolate chip pancake dinner last night sound healthier than it actually was. Oh, and thank you grapes, for being the candy of the Earth.

Protein Pancake

What are YOU thankful for this Friday?

What are you doing this weekend?!

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  1. Love it! Great post. I love Jimmy! I am thankful that January is nearly over! it’s been a busy month for me as I try to juggle trying to stay healthy, studying and work. Ugh!

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