Thankful Tuesday & Tunes.

Yesterday was an emotional and incredible day. I am humbled and blown away by the experience of attending the Regimental Funeral for Constable David Wynn, St. Albert RCMP officer who was shot last Saturday. There were over 2100 police officers and first responders that attended from all over North America, marching in a procession to the funeral, held in St. Albert.


The event was beautiful and tragic. Every time Const. Wynn’s wife and sons were shown on the screen I had to grab a new Kleenex. Prime Minister Stephen Harper attended, as well I was totally surprised when Paul Brandt performed ‘Amazing Grace.’ It was sad and wonderful at the same time. My dad, as the Officer in Command of the St. Albert detachment, gave a speech that went over really well. I think my mom was more nervous for him that he was about giving a speech. He did an incredible job and you can check it out HERE.

My heart and thoughts remain with the family of Const. Wynn, but the service did an amazing job of capturing his spirit, strength, kindness, and enthusiasm for life. As my mom said in reference to Shelley Wynn, “That is one STRONG woman.”


I am so thankful for my dad, for the hero he is to me and so many others.

I am thankful for the RCMP family who comes together in tragic times to support those who need it.

I am thankful and honoured I was able to attend the funeral of Constable David Wynn, which was a spectacular, emotional, and incredible event that truly did justice to his selfless life. Unlike many of my dad’s other coworkers, I never had the chance to meet Cst. Wynn, but after yesterday, I think everyone in St. Albert felt like they knew him just a little bit.

I am thankful for my wonderful family and friends, who I try not to take for granted.

I am thankful.


I am back at the barre this morning after just a walk yesterday as my workout. My mom and I slept in and then spent over an hour chatting and walking the country roads around our house. It was sunny and warm and gorgeous, which made for the best walk and the perfect way to destress before the funeral. I love my Tuesday morning barre classes because the class is almost guaranteed not to be full and there are far less people to laugh at my attempt at ballet and my inflexibility πŸ˜‰

I also teach spin tonight so I am saving my cardio for this evening! I spent some time on the weekend putting together some plans for my week of spin and I think they are going to make for some killer classes!


Yep, everything from One Direction to ACDC on that playlist. It will rock your world. Also, you know you’re in for a fun cycling drill when the title is “Ridiculous Speed.” I tell my family and friends about how awesome and difficult I try to make my spin classes, and then try to tell them they should attend… it hasn’t worked out πŸ˜‰ Two weeks until marathon training starts!

Favourite indoor cycling song/drill??

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?! (<- I love finding out this random stuff)


  1. Breakfast for me was somewhat abnormal. I had a english muffin and two eggs over easy. I got up early to get the kids organized…but they all slept in! So I had a little extra time this morning.

  2. I like the 6 am barre class too – works perfect for my schedule and its not crowded! Makes for a sad breakfast sometimes though. Today was McD’s skim milk latte and a mint chocolate builder bar.

  3. Breakfast today was coffee and 1/2 a wheat bagel with grape jelly πŸ™‚
    I’m not a big fan of cycling πŸ™ so I try and watch an episode of something to help pass the time. I’m so uncoordinated I feel like I’m going to pedal my way off the stationary bike πŸ™

  4. Kris! I have to tell you…I thought you were no longer blogging for a while. Your posts stopped showing up on my dashboard and then finally I noticed you posted on the Canuck Blogger site. So I’m guessing you changed your address??? Anyway, I found you…lol, does that sound stalker-ish? For breakfast today I had PB Toast. We had a storm day here in Nova Scotia and I’m fighting the most brutal Sinus cold so it was lovely to sleep in.

    I can’t imagine how emotional your day was paying tribute to the officer. So sad.

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