That time I taught a private spin class.

I TAUGHT MY VERY FIRST SPIN CLASS LAST NIGHT! I am teaching at a brand spankin’ new recreation facility in Edmonton and I was very nervous and excited to begin teaching. I certified last year at the end of February and I finally get to begin instructing classes! There had been a lack of demand for spin instructors in my city so I had to wait until additional facilities opened in close-to-me Edmonton. The new facility is gorgeous! It is still a bit of a work in progress but I am happy to be employed there!

clareview rec centre

spin instructor

It turns out I didn’t have to be nervous at all because ONE person showed up to the class. ONE. I checked in the log book and it turns out between 0 and 3 people have been coming to the past few spin classes due to a variety of factors but mostly how recent this facility opened. I hope it picks up a bit but my one participant got a great private spin class! She was 100% new to spin so I got a bit of a reminder about how to cater my classes to newbies and how to help people set up their bikes. I eased her in and she said she was good if we stopped at 30 minutes (maybe I didn’t tone it down enough) so that’s what we did and then spent some extra time stretching. It was kind of cool to teach one person but I hope more people show up to my next class!

spin class

Now that school is back in session it is back to packing lunches every day. I am really lucky that my office has a “Nutrition Nook” and I can put my lunch in the fridge, use microwaves, and fill my water bottle with perfectly chilled water. I remember the days where I would have to carry my lunch around with me from class to class in my backpack, eating my runny yogurt at the end of the day and spilling liquids all over my bag weekly… ugh, peasant life. I love grad school 😉 .My aunt gave me this AWESOME container for Christmas and I have already used it almost every day. It’s so cute!


I even put carrot and cucumber sticks and hummus in it and it worked like a charm! The cup in the background I got from my neighbours for Christmas and it is equally as cool. It has an inner tube in the cup that can be filled with lemons, or berries, or mint, or anything to flavour your water! You can make your water taste amazing without gross pieces of fruit and seeds floating around!


It is such a rush teaching spin (even to ONE person) and I can’t wait to head back for more classes. For readers in the Edmonton area, I teach at Clareview Recreation Center on Tuesdays (6:30-7:30pm) and Thursdays (6:00-7:00pm). I promise it’ll be a good time and we will have tons of fun… who knows you might even get a private spin class!

Have YOU tried a spin class?

What is your favourite group fitness activity?


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