The Anti-Resolutions for Giggles.

I have said before that I am more of a goal-oriented person than I am a resolutioner. I don’t know why those two terms are different to me but I set monthly challenges for myself and goals for the future rather than radical resolutions for an entire year. Yesterday we had a big snowfall and when I went to the gym for a little workout, the streets were a mess. I think the weather kept the resolutioners away because the gym was more than empty. I walked 3 miles on the treadmill at a 5% incline because my body was a tad sore from my 15 mile resolution run. I did 45 minutes of arm strength training after and I had so much room in the weight section it was amazing! For those who hit the gym this week and it was FULL of resolutioners:








I actually do love seeing people change their lives for the better. Resolving and STICKING to resolutions that make you a happier and healthier person are always wonderful and super inspiring. Maybe the reason I make monthly goals instead of annual resolutions is because I am terrified of the idea of holding myself accountable to a goal that lasts an entire 365 days! One of the best things about a new year is how much people reflect on themselves and try to imagine what type of person they see themselves as in the future. It’s pretty neat, and makes for a ton of motivational people!

I will be sticking to THESE goals as closely as I can 🙂 Only 1997 miles left this year! Encourage the people in your life who are making resolutions to better themselves… unless they are using your treadmill… then don’t 😉

Where there a ton of people in YOUR gym?

Resolutions, goals, or none of the above?



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