Weekly Workout Recap: Resolution Run week.

On Friday night I set about stealing the work of pre-teen girls by baby-sitting my next door neighbour. By “baby-sitting” I mean hanging out with a really awesome 8-year old that has the same maturity level and love of board games as I do! When I got home at 2am I most definitely turned OFF my pre-work exercise alarm and got an extra hour of sleep before work. Afternoon workouts are usually not my thing but I learned a very important lesson at the gym yesterday afternoon: Never judge a run by the first mile.

I was still slightly sore from my 15-miler on Thursday so I set the distance goal on the treadmill for a lofty 4 miles and set out slowly. I felt terrible the first mile, ready-to-quit-and-sit-on-the-recumbent-bike terrible. There were too many fast runners and hot guys at the gym to run a slower run so I stepped up my game and hoped my body would just go with it and maybe I would feel less terrible. It worked. I ran faster and did some progressive pyramid speed work and felt great! I finished off 7.13 miles in an hour and was a sweaty, endorphin-filled mess.


I have been running super slow (for me) lately and it felt good to have a lovely and not-as-slow run. My last two miles were sub-8 and it felt great! Speedy running = more endorphins. It takes more motivation to get me to the gym in the afternoon but once I get running it seems to go pretty well. My other option was to run outside… in -22 degrees Celsius.


Hahahaha. Not going to happen. After the gym I had to stop and get gas but instead of being smart and putting pants on before I got out of my car I stood in the cold and risked frostbite to fuel my car. Fun times.


All fuelled up, I drove to the gym this morning to finish off a resolution worthy week of workouts. I have added THIS daily Core Challenge to my routine as a goal for January and you can bet I hate it so much right now. It’s pretty killer. Planks are my least favourite exercise of all time!

January challenge

This morning, after 10 hours of the most uninterrupted most glorious sleep ever, I hit up the gym for a little run and a little strength. I didn’t really have a plan for my workout so I didn’t give 110% but it ended up being half decent and I had an amazing new playlist to rock out to. I was more excited about listening to Sam Hunt’s album than I was to run!

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 11.02.09 AM

It is a gloomy Sunday around these parts, not weather wise – that is -28 and sunny – but the mood is very solemn. It is the Sunday before school starts. Throughout the holidays I spent most of my time like this:


All I knew was that I worked every day and around my work schedule I was going to be in full relaxation mode. I am a tiny bit excited to start a new semester but the rest of me really wishes I had another week to relax and not think about school! Time to regain some academic focus and get ready for tomorrow!

How did your workouts go starting the new year?