Weekly Workout Recap: The Best Feelings.

Yesterday I allotted myself a quick 40 minutes at the gym before work (my gym opens later on weekend, otherwise I would’ve had more time) but once I got into my run, I just couldn’t stop. I felt like I was flying and I haven’t had one of those runs in a really long time. It was one of the best feelings. I did a warm up mile and then changed my pace between 8:00 and 8:20 min/mile for the rest of the run. I totalled 7 miles and had to rush insanely fast to work; but time spent running > time spent doing my hair anyway.

After work I hit up the mall for some new workout clothes. Three drawers stuffed full of them is not quite enough and my lulu gift cards were burning a hole in my wallet so when I ripped my favourite capris last week I knew I needed to replace them! I actually ended up getting 4 pairs of crops/tights and 2 shirts (not all at lulu). It was SO successful. After shopping I met up with a friend to see the movie “Wild” with Reese Witherspoon. I had read the book, as I have mentioned, and the movie was REALLY GOOD!! I loved it! It also made me want to go hiking so if I am MIA from the blog for a while, you know what I am doing.


I was extremely excited to sport some new workout wear to the gym this morning. I had plans to meet a friend on the treadmills at 8am and to be sure he didn’t miss me when he got there, I wore the most ridiculous brightest outfit possible. I tell people my favourite colour is purple but that statement is currently being questioned.

run this earth

I bought THESE Under Armour running capris in pink and THIS Nike running shirt that says “Run The Earth” also in pink. I was slightly skeptical wearing brand new clothes for my long-ish run day because if something starts to chafe or rub and you are 17% of the way into your run, you are in for a rough ride. Luckily no such tragedy happened and these clothes were PERFECT. I like crops with a medium-rise waistband so I don’t have to pull them up all the time and the tank didn’t ride up at all. It made my Sunday run that much better!


To top it off, I wore my pink Brooks PureCadence shoes. I don’t know why I thought wearing ALL pink would be a good idea; it just seemed right at the time. Gazing around at the other runners and gym-goers I think everyone wore the most neutral clothes today JUST so I would pop.


I set my treadmill for 8 miles, not a long run per se but because I ran twice the amount I was planning yesterday I figured I could cut a few miles from what I had intended today. Obviously, once I got to mile 8, I didn’t stop. The first half FLEW by because I had someone to chat with so the second half was spent catching up on sports highlights and watching Will & Grace. Plus, I was running slow, so I felt like I could probably run forever.

sunday runday

I actually FINISHED an entire water bottle during this run. It was really dry and warm in the gym so I was very thirsty the whole time! Why am I not running outside when it is warm and nice during this global warming infused January? One word… ICE. The constant melt and freeze that occurs daily because of the temperatures hovering around the freezing mark, most sidewalks around my house and the majority of side streets have a thin layer of ice every morning. I just don’t trust myself on it. My friend attempted to run outside yesterday and didn’t even get to the end of his street before he decided it wasn’t worth the risk!

The 12 mile run put me around 35 miles for the week. I am still savouring these last few weeks before marathon training begins and enjoying doing whatever the heck I want for runs each day. I am excited to start a training schedule but I think I will take advantage of this “off season” for a few days more!

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 11.03.01 AMIt’s hard to believe the countdown is almost on for the end of January. I am SO SO SO thankful I only have to do that stupid core challenge for 6 more days, but that means I have to think of a February challenge! I am hoping to get an extra walk in this afternoon because it is gorgeous and sunny now which means the thin layer of ice should be gone soon!

What was the best part of YOUR weekend?


  1. I really want to see Wild, I love hiking and might do some this week to see a little more of Vancouver before I go back home. I should watch wild for inspiration 🙂 Your running outfit rocks! The brighter the better in my book 🙂

  2. Good job on the treadmill run! I love that feeling when you’re wearing new gear for the first time. Talk about a great motivator! Sunshine, lots of it, was the best part of my weekend!

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