WIAW: A look into my day!

Thank you so much for the kind words on my nutrition philosophy post yesterday. Writing stuff from the heart is always hard but never has it not been worth it! You can check it out HERE and let me know YOUR nutrition philosophy. Now that I talked all about HOW and WHY I eat, I thought I would do my first WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) link up post and show you everything I ate throughout the day! The alternate title to this post; “The Worst Food Photography Ever.” 😉


I went to barre class yesterday morning at 6am. It was a rocking class and I left shaky and sweaty and energized for my day! I rushed home and showered super quickly, with no time for breakfast, I threw my pre-packed lunch and some breakfast in my bag and went to school. As soon as I got to my desk (after a stop at Starbucks of course), I settled into my breakfast. Black dark roast coffee please!


For my desk-breakfast I had a banana… perfectly ripe and it was heavenly because I was starving!


I also had desk-oats. Basically, my ability to make oatmeal anywhere is uncanny. I am an expert. I have made oatmeal at a hockey game before and completely embarrassed my dad. I WAS HUNGRY OKAY? 😉 I threw just over half a cup of oatmeal into a container with a tablespoon of flax seeds. I boil some water at my office and pour it into the container.


A few short minutes later and the oatmeal has soaked up all of the water and it is the perfect warm breakfast. I heart oatmeal.


I did some blog work at school (<- don’t read this mom) and then went to class. When I got back to my desk after 11am I had plain greek yogurt with some roasted peanuts and a pear. I was also drinking a ton of water throughout the day to prepare for my spin class last night.


A few hours later after tackling some oh-so-fun nutrition policy article reading and preparing a presentation for school today, I went to the fridge and grabbed my salad for lunch. It was one of those salads that you wait all day for because it is SO delicious looking.


Yes ladies and gentlemen… food porn at its finest. It was a quinoa and spring mix salad with feta cheese, blackberries, strawberries, walnuts, and a balsamic dressing. Ohmigod, it was good. Look at those layers.


I left school around 3:15 and got home to finish prepping my spin class for the night. My playlist was the bomb by the way 😉 I had dinner SUPER early, like 4:30pm early. Not because I am 80 years old, but because I wanted to eat dinner before I went to spin and I needed lots of time to digest. I had mini pita pizzas, carrots and cucumbers with hummus, and a few dates.


My spin class was awesome and my participants rocked it out! I love the feeling of working out for other people and not focusing on my own workout while still getting a solid sweat on! I got home around 8:15pm and packed my lunch for today. After I had showered I had a delicious and simple snack of apple slices and some popcorn.


I would say I had a handful of popcorn but the reality is more like 28 handfuls of popcorn. IT’S A SERIOUS ADDICTION. This popcorn is from Costco and it is a giant bag of heaven. It’s air popped and lightly salted and way too good. Don’t buy it (<- Don’t say I didn’t warn you).


That’s my day in food! I used my very old, slightly scratched phone for all photos; hence the quality… but you got the jist 🙂 Thank you Jenn for hosting the WIAW link-up. You can check out her blog HERE to see other bloggers who linked up to share their day of eats!

What was the best thing you ate yesterday?


  1. Today my lunch was a bun-less turkey burger with sweet potato fries…yum! That was the best thing I ate today (yesterday was Thai food… cashew chicken is what heaven tastes like… you know if heaven was edible…. and decided to be an entree and not a dessert).

  2. Well, along the lines of bad food not being a reward…I rewarded my speed work with some Cookies and Cream Ice Cream last night. It was sooo good. 🙂

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