2015 Calgary Marathon Training Plan.

If you missed my training plan, recaps, and details from the 2014 Calgary Marathon, you can check them out HERE! Calgary marathon training last year was a rough ride. I did SO SO SO many things wrong. I expected the jump from half marathon training to marathon training to be exactly twice as hard but it was 3805708 times as hard. There is so much more time investment, so many more things that can go wrong, and it is most definitely not a 1:2 ratio. On the plus side, I learned a ton. There was probably something every week that I learned to do differently next time. A few things I learned…

1. REST. You will need it. Don’t skip rest days.

2. Run slow during your long runs… like actually slow.

3. HYDRATE. And pay attention to nutritional needs – they WILL change.

4. RELAX. One run won’t make or break your race. There are 16 weeks of training (or more) for a reason, embrace every run, learn from it, and look at the big picture.


I made some minor and major changes to my training plan compared to last year. I am only going to be running 4 days a week, compared to 5. I teach spin twice a week, love to strength train, and really love cross training, so I can’t be burning my body out with 5 running days a week! I am SCHEDULING strength training. Last year weight lifting was one area that I really dropped the ball on when I started training so I made sure to include it in my actual schedule so that I could more accountably follow through. REST is in bold. Saturdays are my rest OR cross training days. And by cross training I mean something with no impact like swimming.

I. will. not. get. injured.

A look at a couple weeks worth of training as of now*. I have left space to write in how my workout went, paces, and any sort of soreness/stiffness/pain/feeling going on. I am hoping this will help me to identify injuries before they surface with a vengeance and to see if my training plan is actually working well with the types of runs on each day.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 12.44.33 AM

* = subject to change. This is really a rough draft and my training could go very differently once I get going. I have never had obligatory spin nights before hard runs in the morning before now so scheduling was tough and I don’t actually know how well this will work! My marathon training philosophy during the summer was so relaxed and chill and I loved that race so hopefully this event will be similar. It’s on.

round 2

Who else is running the 2015 Calgary marathon?!

P.S. Can we all meet up to celebrate after the race? 😉

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