Celebrating important days, with PANCAKES.

Yesterday felt like a very random day. It is reading week at school which means I don’t have to be at the University campus and I didn’t know what to do with myself without my daily two-hour commute (1-hr each way) to school. I had so much time! I slept in, worked out, studied and did homework at Starbucks so I had a steady stream of caffeine, came home to read in the afternoon, then headed out to teach spin in the evening. I also stopped at my gym on the way home from spin because my brother was working out there and I wanted to harass him chat with him on the treadmill.

you're welcome

In the morning I walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill (it was a no running day), then did 35 minutes of chest, back, and shoulder strength training. My evening contained an hour of sweaty, sweaty spin and another 20 minutes of treadmill walking with my brother! By the time I got home it was 9pm and I still hadn’t eaten dinner so I did what any classy lady would do and whipped up some blueberry and raspberry pancakes and ate them in my pajamas.


I would eat pancakes every day for dinner if it was socially acceptable. Luckily last night it was practically required because it was “Pancake Tuesday” also known as Shrove Tuesday, or the day before Lent. I told my spin participants last night that each gear they added to their climb meant one more pancake they could add to their plate after class. Well, at least that’s what I did.

blube pancakes

I can’t tell you how good this recipe is and how many times I’ve used it. Just know, that if you are looking for an amazing, fluffy, foolproof pancake recipe – this is it. It is also a “for one” recipe so if you are all by yourself it is perfect, but can also be doubled or tripled if needed. The recipe can be found HERE; I just use extra virgin olive oil instead of walnut oil, 1 tsp of both baking soda and baking powder, and I add berries to it!

cooking pancakes

My life is a series of alliterations… pancakes in my pink polka dot pajamas. I don’t think there is any better way to eat pancakes than in your pajamas watching Friends. Seriously I have an addiction to that show… help!

pancakes in pjs

I tell myself I need more healthy fats in my diet, when really I just want to eat more peanut butter. Melted smooth peanut butter on pancakes, now that’s what dreams are made of. The berries made the pancakes look less than picture perfect but man were they delicious.

pb on pancakes

I will be doing my first tempo run of this training cycle this morning so wish me luck! Speedwork is almost better because although you are holding faster-than-normal paces, it is only for a few minutes at a time and you only feeling like dying and/or puking for small moments, while tempo runs mean holding faster paces for what feels like a looooooong time. Tempo runs might actually scare me more! I’m tired just thinking about them 😉

Did YOU celebrate Pancake Tuesday?

Breakfast for dinner – what is your go to? Pancakes? Waffles? Eggs?