February Challenge: Chickpea and Corn Burgers.

If you’re catching up on my February Foodie Challenge, check out my goals for the month HERE! I whipped up some protein bars on the week for my first recipe which were delicious! For the protein bar recipe check HERE! I made my first Jamie Oliver recipe for my second recipe challenge and that meant some vegan chickpea and corn burgers! I was so inspired by Jamie Oliver’s vegetarian recipes that I couldn’t wait to try this one out!


The burger recipe is super simple, and because I forgot to pick up some coriander, it had even less ingredients than planned! The main ingredients are chickpeas and corn. I think chickpeas are mandatory in vegan/vegetarian burger recipes because the texture of chickpea burgers is unreal. Chickpeas make them hardier and have a muted taste that can be pared with anything… even corn!


sweet corn

Most ingredients can probably be found in your pantry… except the fresh coriander which I never have on hand and was too lazy to go get. I think they taste fine without the coriander anyway! As with most vegan burger recipes, all ingredients are mixed in a food processor, formed into patties, and cooked. I like to cook my burgers on a pancake griddle because it is a big surface that can manage a lot of heat!

burger recipe

The original recipe can be found HERE at jamieoliver.com. I drained both the chickpeas and the corn, poured them into the food processor, added the spices and lemon juice, and blended. It was a fairly moist mixture which is why flour is added next. I added about 3 tablespoons of flour and it didn’t seem quite thick enough so I added a couple more. The cooking process is what really firms up the burgers so don’t worry if your mixture looks like a muffin batter consistency when it’s done!

lemon squeeze

Instead of forming patties on the counter with a floured surface, I just placed the mixture straight onto the griddle and  cooked them. I didn’t firm them up in the fridge either, I just went straight from the food processor to the pancake griddle. They cooked for about 10 minutes on each side and I had the griddle at about 375F.


The recipe claims to make 4 servings but I made 5. They are still super big burgers! Super delicious and the corn makes them nice and sweet while the chickpeas give them a dense and meaty texture. I never thought to add corn to vegan burgers before but these were really good!

one burger

I am definitely heading back to try more jamieoliver.com recipes because he has some amazing vegetarian dishes that don’t try to “replace” the meat in any way, they incorporate real ingredients like lentils and chickpeas for fiber and protein and I love it! Can you tell I’m ready for summer? Already grilling up some burgers 😉

Do you make burgers and freeze them?

What is your favourite season?


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