Happy Winter Walk Day 2015.

Happy Winter Walk Day 2015!

I hope you are enjoying warm enough weather wherever you live so you can participate in this year’s winter walk day! In the summer my mom and I are great at getting outside for a walk after dinner or spending the afternoon getting fresh air instead of reading by the fire but during the winter… not so much. That is the premise behind this event, despite the bitter cold that graces Canada with its presence every winter, we can still get outside and go for a walk!


Today is Winter Walk Day! You can check out THIS website for more information on Winter Walk Day and register to walk! It doesn’t have to be a long walk and you don’t have to spend hours outside (especially because Alberta’s windchill this morning is dipping below -30C) it’s just about getting outside! Maybe the reason people don’t go for walks with me during the winter is because I dress like this when we go walking.


I started stressing this week that I wouldn’t make my 2015 miles in 2015 goal because I was hardly doing any mileage this week but I reminded myself that I would have plenty of time to get outside this summer. Evening walks, walking to work, all that nonsense will help me rack up the mileage in the summer! As for now, I’ll stick to participating in Winter Walk Day and sprinting from my heated car to the heated buildings. 😉

cold never bothered me


Pull on your toque and mittens, and get those giant boots and coats out! I will be trading my parka for a raincoat tomorrow when I go to Vancouver but for now I am going to brave the Alberta cold for a Winter Walk!

Last night when I got home from teaching spin I knew I needed a healthy snack but my mind and body were screaming CHOCOLATE. I had a chocolate protein shake (1 scoop of chocolate whey protein powder, a cup of skim milk, and ice) sprinkled with a few chocolate chips and a couple of Hershey’s almond kisses on the side. A bit of protein as health food, a bit of chocolate as soul food. It was everything I needed.


My spin classes are growing and I has a blast last night! I rocked some Katy Perry to reminisce over her dominant performance at the Super Bowl half-time show and it was a hit! We did lots of speed work with some hills thrown in and I for one had a good time 🙂

Are YOU going for a walk today for Winter Walk Day 2015?

What is your favourite outdoor activity in the winter?