Lululemon Brunch and Buy.

On Sunday, as a fitness instructor (who inevitably spends a lot of time browsing lulu lemon), I was invited to the West Edmonton Mall Lululemon Brunch & Buy. It’s a chance for fitness instructors to enjoy some food and get an extra discount off of Lululemon products. It was super cute and I felt uber important being on the list. I had actually just purchased some tights and such from lulu lemon a few weeks before but decided to go to the event anyway.


I was going in with the plan to browse and try on clothes but had no intentions of buying anything. I do love most of the lulu lemon clothing despite the slight decline in quality over the years (my tights from 4 years ago compared to the same style bought this year is a joke!) so I knew the chances of me trying something on and not buying it were slim 😉

cash from money tree

I bought THIS tank top – the “Power Y Tank.” It is actually my fourth one. I have three other “power y tanks” and love them all to pieces. As a 6’0″ tall girl, it is reeeeeeally hard to find long enough tank tops. The “loose and flowy” ones that other girls buy become crop tops or awkward looking maternity wear on me and it sucks. Enter the power y tank. It’s fitted so if you don’t like feeling your shirt on you while you workout you might not like it but I think it’s great. I bought the newest one in the colour “inkwell” but you’ve probably seen my purple, orange, and blue one on here before… like when I wore it hiking in Lake Louise.


I wear my tanks for running, spinning, hiking, walking, strength training… basically anything. Depending on the bottoms I am wearing they can sometimes ride up while I’m running but I’ve found the capris, tights, and shorts that work the best over time so I know what to and what not to wear!

One of the things I like the best about the Power Y tank is the padded shelf bra that is in the tank. I hate wearing a sports bra and a tight tank top over it so this is perfect.



Most people probably couldn’t get away with this, ESPECIALLY while running, but most people aren’t as small-chested as me. The padded shelf bra in this tank are fine for me even when I run or cycle. Benefits of not having big boobs? I pride myself on being able to run in “light support” tank tops and not having boob-related back problems 😉

when am i going to get bookbs

I took the day off of exercise yesterday because my right hip was bugging me. I worked out an average of 2 hours a day last week (~13 hours total) and my body thanked me for the 10 hours of sleep, morning stretching, and lack of exercise that happened yesterday 🙂 I also drank all of my daily water intake in the form of tea yesterday… mint, lemon, earl grey, you name it I drank it. It’s a good thing Roll Up the Rim at Tim Hortons is back!

roll up the rim

Usually I am super proud of myself when I get a solid week of exercise in but this week I will be proud of myself if I DON’T get a lot of exercise in. My body needs to rest before my 16-week marathon training cycle begins and waking up with a sore hip yesterday just reminded me how fragile I become when I am constantly pushing my limits and exercising my heart out. I stretched and foam rolled for half an hour yesterday morning and my IT band was screaming! Ouch!

Do you shop at lulu lemon? What is your favourite product?

Do you take a rest week before training begins or do you increase your base mileage right up until training day 1?


  1. Oooh, I love those tanks! I also have small (no) boobs, so I don’t need a sports bra either. The padded shirts work great for me too 🙂

    That’s awesome you got to go to the event! I feel like I should be an ambassador for the amount of lulu I own hahahaha!

  2. Yay for Roll Up the Rim! That means spring is coming soon…As a fellow small-chested girl I had to laugh at your comments about the tank top. I think you’re right about the quality declining lately at lululemon. I’m very picky about what I buy there these days since their stuff isn’t cheap!

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