Marathon Monday: Training Week 2!

Marathon Monday

Another successful week of training! It helped that it was reading break and I didn’t have school but I accomplished all of my workouts and ended the week with a smile on my face! I taught FOUR spin classes in five days, which may not sound like a ton, but I refuse to give anything but my all in class even when I’m teaching so it was 4 hours of spin in addition to running and strength training! I don’t regret a second of it because I got to teach in some new-to-me facilities that were INCREDIBLE. Check out my Saturday morning spin view!

spin at commonwealth

That would be Commonwealth Stadium where the CFL’s Edmonton Eskimos play football. Huge windows, tons of light, and my biggest class to date – 27 people – all of which rocked it out and had a blast (hopefully) in my class!

Yesterday I did my second long run of the training cycle – 13 miles. Of course that secretly means 13.1 miles. I don’t know anyone who would stop at a mere 13 miles when they could call it a half marathon by running 0.1 miles more!

catch me

I take such a long time to warm up when I do my long runs. I start nice and slow and ease into faster paces after a few miles. My overall pace was 9:04 min/mile which is about where I am trying to keep my long runs. I did the last mile of my run in 7:50 to try and finish strong! I ran indoors… well, obviously.

long run

I finished a solid seven days of workouts, and promptly sat on the couch and watched the Oscars last night for far too many hours. It’s a requirement of a long run day to do as little as possible after your run. A summary of training week 2 below:

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 5.08.55 PM

After my run I met a friend for coffee and then hit the road for a spontaneous trip to the mountains. I stayed in Airdrie with my aunt last night and I am adventuring in the mountains all day today. I needed to breath mountain air and just have a peaceful day to myself before heading back to school. I think I am experiencing a bit of wanderlust. 🙂


Happy Monday! How was YOUR weekend?

Where did you take your last spontaneous trip?


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