Motivation Monday: February 2.

Is anyone else still in disbelief and grieving the loss of the Seattle Seahawks yesterday? What an end to the game! My family and I went to our neighbours’ house to watch the game and it was a jam-packed house full of both Patriots fans and Seahawks fans. I really wish Seattle could have pulled off that final touchdown (preferably by rushing into the end zone instead of attempting a pass from the one yard line, but I digress…) but at least it made for an exciting game! Before heading over to watch the game I conquered 8 miles at the gym, headed to a Lululemon Brunch & Buy, picked up books at the library, grabbed some groceries, and was extremely independent and changed my vehicle’s burnt out headlight all by myself.


My definition of “independent” means I was by myself when I asked the sales associate to help me find the correct bulb, and then drove to my dad’s office where he has heated garages to change the bulb. He did it all for me while I had the extremely important job of holding the flashlight… what I like to call “supervising.” Once that task was out of the way, I baked 6 dozen cookies to take with me to Vancouver!


My house smelled amazing yesterday afternoon and they are all sealed, frozen, and ready for the plane ride on Thursday! I had a tough week of workouts last week and considering I have exactly ONE week until I begin officially training for the 2015 Calgary Marathon, I am going to try and take it really easy this week. It’s tough for me to hold back and cut my workouts short but I am determined to head into marathon training rested, injury-free, and ready to rock. Nevertheless, I will still be working out, so I definitely require this Monday motivation.

Motivation Monday

  • I would really love this app during race day. Or any long run. Or any workout. Messages and encouragement from friends and family in your ears as you run?! How awesome is that! Check out the article HERE about the new app called Motigo!


  • Remember when I read and reviewed Born to Run? (If not, check out my recap –> HERE.) A movie is being made based on this book and I am so stoked about it! It was just announced that Matthew McConaughey is going to be playing the lead role. As a notoriously shirtless guy, I am pretty sure this choice was a no brainer!

Premiere Of Warner Bros. "Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past" - Arrivals

  • A great article HERE from Runner’s World about Diane Charles, a pioneer in women’s running on the track. She was the first woman to run a sub-5 minute mile in 1954. What an insanely cool woman.


  • Speaking of women running, THIS commercial played during the Super Bowl yesterday and even though I had seen the video floating around the web before, I still LOVED it. I highly recommend watching it again!
  • Who wants to go to a running camp with me? Canadian Running Magazine highlighted a few super cool running camps that sound amazing. I think that would combine two of my favourite things – running and traveling! Has anyone ever been to one?? (<- tell me in the comments about your experience)


Some final kick ass motivation to start your first full week in February on the right note!



I actually do believe sweat is magic. It cures my stress, it helps me see clearly, it motivates me, it helps me achieve my goals, and it allows me to be optimistic and see the big picture. 🙂

What is motivating YOU this week?

Who were you cheering for in the Super Bowl?


  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I find that creating a training plan, then reviewing it weekend helps me with motivation – I’m training for my first 70.3 Ironman triathlon. That said, this week I have to take a cut back – I had Strep over the weekend and I *just* threw my back out picking up a sticky not from the floor. Ugh! Have a fantastic week!

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