On Wednesdays We Wear Pink.

I had SUCH a good spin class last night. As I see more and more regulars attending my classes it is nice to try new drills with them, open up a bit more, and get to know people! We did a series of jumps last night through the song Fireball by Pitbull and I think everyone’s hamstrings were going to fall off… it was THAT good. Before spin I had a huge delicious salad with all of my favourite vegetables and some feta, raisins, and grilled tofu! It was perfect fuel for my evening of cardio.


After spin I needed a good cool down and wasn’t quite ready to say adios to cardio for the night so I hit up the elliptical. 15 minutes turned into 30 minutes which turned into 40 which turned into 45. A double dose of cardio because I loved their ellipticals so much. My gym’s ellipticals suck compared to these bad boys! You can pretend you are running and it shows your min/mile pace, distance, etc. which is awesome… you also get to watch people do water aerobics while you ellipticize.


After spin I was hungry but not starving. After I downed what seemed like 72L of water, I went old school and enjoyed a protein pancake with sugar free syrup. It was amazing, some great protein and carbs after my workout! The recipe is originally from Julie @ PB Fingers and you can find it HERE!


I was looking through my photos from my trip to the mountains again and I wanted to point out the best road trip snack ever… raspberries. You don’t want to know how much I paid for these super-out-of-season berries, but they were worth every penny. When my mom and I drive together we stop at Costco, buy blackberries or raspberries, and eat them in the car on the road.


Today is Wear Pink: Anti-Bullying day. I don’t know if this is just a Canadian day or if it is the same in the US but US friends let me know! I know that today is Pink Day mostly because my mom is a teacher so she makes a huge effort to support this day as she sees bullying, teasing, and students standing up to bullying every day.



wednesdays we weear pink

Even though I hate the elliptical, I hated it a little less last night with those fancy machines at my spin-teaching gym. I could never translate elliptical effort/distance to running on my usual ellipticals which made it hard when coming back from an injury last spring to track my progression to running. Plus, for those who love numbers as much as me you can monitor heart rate, pace, speed, elevation gained, distance, and SO MUCH MORE. I think I am going to have to do a cool down on those ellipticals after spin class more often!

Are you wearing pink today?

Your favourite road trip snack?

BEST salad topping?