Speed workouts are BACK.

I did my first speed workout of my marathon training cycle yesterday. I haven’t even tried to run fast in a very long time so this was certainly a wake-up call, but as you can tell – I SURVIVED! During the summer when I was training for the Edmonton Marathon I gave up on even attempting speed workouts. After doing better than I thought I would during that race I looked back and wondered how much faster I could have run if I had been dedicated to speed work. Not going to lie, speed workouts scare me. I need a lot of mental preparation and self motivation to get ‘er done.


I had “6 miles; 6X400m repeats” written in my marathon training schedule but I ended up doing a couple more repeats for an 8X400m workout. It was tough but I think I could have stepped up my pace a bit; I ran them all between 1:38 and 1:40 per repeat (6:30-6:40 min/mile pace) and though I was definitely ready to stop after 0.25 miles, I wasn’t completely dead! I did them on the treadmill so it was easy to control my pace and make sure I hit it.


I had a new running outfit to get me out the door at 5am and on the treadmill for some speed work! Arriving home from Vancouver to a box of clothes from Champion was DA BOMB. Love it. Champion sent me three new outfits (bottoms; top; bra) to try, test out, and chat about on my blog and I have never had anything terrible to say about this brand – their clothes always rock my world – so I was stoked!

I was meeting a friend at the gym so in order for him not to miss me on the treadmill I dressed SUPER bright. Pink/purple coloured workout gear is awesome. I wore Champion Novelty Capri; Champion PowerFlex Elite Stripe Tank; and the Champion Curvy Bra. Champion bras are seriously awesome, they aren’t tight enough that you almost suffocate yourself putting it on and taking it off (it happens dudes), but they feel perfectly supportive when they are on.


The tank was nice and breathable and the capris had breathable (mesh) panels along the bottom of them and on the sides. I was running indoors and sometimes even crop-length tights get too warm but these were great. I think this outfit made me run faster too 😉 The capris have a drawstring in case you need to adjust the waistband and they have some handy side/back pockets.


I have been obsessed with THIS SONG lately and I have added it to my spin playlists for next week. I need to step up my teaching game and get some fresh tunes because this past week the classes were almost full! On Tuesday night we had only 3 empty bikes – it was sweaty and magical!

Local readers: Join me in SPIN CLASS!

Clareview Recreation Centre

Tuesdays @ 6:30pm; Thursdays @ 6:00pm

First speed workout DONE. I am a fan of alternating the types of speed workouts I do when I’m training. I can’t just do 800m repeats every week because I would go crazy… well, crazier than I already am… so I am switching between 400m repeats, 800m repeats, mile repeats, and hill workouts! It should be a good time! Oh and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY 🙂


What do you do for speed workouts during marathon training?

Favourite song lately?

Fun Valentines Day plans?


  1. I’ve had Leather Jacket by Arkells stuck in my head all weekend and I love it.

    Valentine’s Day involved bagels, chocolate covered strawberries, and a marathon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix all day.

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