Thank You Note Friday #2

If you don’t know what the heck I am talking about with this “Thank You Note Friday” you can check out my first post HERE, but it is basically a spin-off of Jimmy Fallon’s Friday show segment – Thank You Notes. Giving thanks to the most random things in your life. It really allows me to explore my sarcastic tendencies 😉

Jimmy fallon

Thank you pencil skirts for reminding me how hard it is to sit like a lady all day in a pencil skirt. 8 hours in a skirt is 7.5 hours too many, my lulu tights were put on in record time when I got home from school/work. It was also -20 degrees Celsius and I was wearing a skirt which wasn’t the smartest idea… how did I make it this far in life?


Thank you new Westjet baggage charges for making me reconsider how much I needed to pack for four days on vacation. This was actually how much stuff I put in my car last Thursday to go to Vancouver for the weekend. To be fair, one bag was for spin class with a change of clothes but it was questionable whether I was moving out or going on a weekend getaway… my parents were hoping for the former.


Thank you 16 oz. beer for reminding me how much of a lightweight I am. It’s embarrassing. Unlike my mom, a seasoned drinker and wine connoisseur, I rarely drink, and I can actually feel the effects of one beer and usually don’t stop talking after one. 🙂


Thank you competitive nature for helping me pull some sort of muscle while BOWLING on Monday. Bowling people, bowling. As you can tell, I am so gifted in all forms of athletics, so bowling was a real treat. I tried my hardest but I think I lost most games and fell short despite my aggressive form which most likely contributed to my “injury.”


SERIOUS Thank you to the awesome fundraisers here in the community of St. Albert after the tragedy a few weeks ago. So much effort to raise money for the affected families and these mugs are just one way local businesses are helping out! How adorable are they?!


What are YOU thankful for this Friday? (It can be serious… or not so much 😉 )

Weekend plans?!


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