The Week Before Marathon Training.

I haven’t run in four days. For most people this wouldn’t be a big deal but most people don’t love running 4-5 days a week and have a blog that has “RUN” in the title! Monday is when my official 16-week marathon training cycle begins and that means I am conserving all possible energy for the looming insanity that is marathon training. I also may or may not have done something to my hip.

After my run on Sunday, whenever I would stand with my weight on my right side, my hip would feel slightly painful. Monday was no different and whenever I would walk and turn at the same time it would feel a tiny bit off. After teaching spin on Tuesday night it felt much better (I don’t know how that works) and yesterday it felt pretty much normal but instead of diving back into a run to “test it out” I did some more cycling and strength training so as to keep any impact off of my hips.

Kris, could your hip be being a little bitch because you didn’t stretch enough at all the last few weeks and overused it by exercising like crazy?


I might not even run AT ALL this week… *gasp* As marathon training approaches I want to start with a well-rested body, free of injuries, or pre-injuries, or nagging muscles/tendons/ligaments/bones/etc. Yesterday, a normal “run day” turned into a cycle and strength day.


I did 45 minutes on the spin bike, plus a 5 minute cool down. I tested out some new songs, did some of my favourite spin drills, and lip synched all of my latest tunes like a boss. It was a good time. What other form of cross training would I possibly sandwich between my Tuesday and Thursday spin classes but more spin?

end of spin

I had high hopes of going to the pool yesterday to swim but after I had gone to school with partially wet hair and it almost broke it was so frozen, I decided against it. I did some biceps and triceps strength training to show off my obviously huge arm muscles, and then – get this – stretched. Hallelujah.


Spending a little less time at the gym means spending a little more time drinking coffee.

legs and coffee

My trip to Vancouver couldn’t have come at a better time. This week is all about relaxation, easy workouts, cross training, stretching, and putting my best self at the start of my 16-week marathon training program. I hope whatever was going on with my hip is over and done with because that sure wouldn’t be fun to deal with! I’m heading to Vancouver tonight; see you from the west WET coast 🙂

How long do you typically train for a marathon? 16 weeks? 20 weeks? 12 weeks?

If we were on a coffee date – what did you just order? Dark roast. Black.


  1. I love the start of a new training cycle! I’m always filled with excitement and big goals! Good luck with the training. I am sure thouse 4 days off will make you stronger! Rest is good 🙂

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