Thinking Out Loud Thursday #3!

Yup, I’m at it again, linking up with Amanda at Running With Spoons for another Thinking Out Loud Thursday. I have linked up twice before and I love these posts (#1 and #2) because I can share as many random thoughts as I want to that have no connection to each other whatsoever. I also love hearing what is on YOUR mind, so leave me a comment or message… and remember, it should be as random as possible!


  • My friend James and I talked about how terrible I am at dressing for the weather. I claimed I wasn’t “that bad” but then as I was getting out of my car the other day to head into work and I stepped into a foot of snow in ballet flats, I realized he might be right. It only took 3807 minutes for my feet to thaw… but probably because I stopped to take pictures of my feet in the snow.


  • I am really trying my hardest to be a decent food photographer. I think I did a pretty good job yesterday when I was taking photos of my breakfast! I went back to an old friend – a giant bowl of delicious and warm oatmeal (cooked with egg whites and flax seed) and topped with banana, pecans, chopped dates, and a drizzle of honey. Not only does it look amazing, it tasted amazing.


  • I am trying to convince my dad to hike the West Coast Trail with me this summer. He has done it twice before (a looooong time ago) and I am determined to cross that off of my bucket list this summer. We used to go on father daughter trips annually and I miss it! Check out THIS photoblog recap of the hike and maybe YOU will join me this summer on this hike. It’s gorgeous!



  • Can’t stop, won’t stop. My AMAZING friend delivered Starbucks to me at work on the weekend and it made my day. Soy Americano mistos will never get old.


  • I did my FIRST tempo run of the training cycle yesterday and #nailedit. I was kind of nervous… like procrastinate on the elliptical nervous, but I managed to hit my target paces. It was a super short tempo run so I really shouldn’t be this happy about it but it was great! 2 miles warm up; 2 miles @ 7:56 min/mile; 2 miles cool down. I am a firm believer that fun tights make you run faster.


  • I am subbing a spin class at SIX O’CLOCK AM this morning. This could be interesting. I have taken classes at this time before but never have I taught one, I was always amazed at the instructors that had so much energy at that time in the morning and now I have to be that person! That also means I have to teach another class 12 hours later at my regular rec centre!

bright happy smiling faces

That’s it, that’s all I got. I guess I should get back to doing actual school work and doing some reading on this “reading break” but the textbook “Designing and Conducting Health Surveys” just isn’t as appealing as it sounds!

What is your random thought for the day?!

Favourite coffee-drink? (I’m mostly a black coffee girl but those americano mistos are heaven)


  1. I’ve never had an americano misto, but I do love a good a good americano. And your breakfast…. holy.SNAP. Talk about all of my favourite things in one bowl of comfort. The combination of bananas, dates, and honey is out of this world. Aaaaand now I want oatmeal for lunch 😆

  2. I completely agree that colourful clothes and shoes make you run faster! If you dad doesn’t do the west coast trail with you – I WILL.

    MY DREAM! <3

    I'm a simpleton when it comes to coffee drinks. I just get pain coffee and add a tiny bit of cream. If I'm feeling fancy, maybe an almond milk latte, but I hate it when they use sweetened milk. It makes me headachy. Hahahah

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