Thinking Out Loud Thursday #4!

Two Thursday link-ups in a row?! Who am I? I actually just have a ton of random thoughts in my head that will work so much better in a “Thinking Out Loud” blog post than they would in any other format. In case you missed ’em, I linked up three times before: #1, #2, and #3. Not sure what’s up, check out Amanda @ Running With Spoons!


  • I miss them already. The cravings for fresh mountain air are real people and I think my trip on Monday just confirmed how much I love being in the mountains. When I came home I told my mom that everyone was SO HAPPY there and she said, “Well, if you woke up to those mountains every day, wouldn’t you be too?” YES, Yes I would. I mean, c’mon.



For the record, I’ve always loved hiking. For your classic throwback Thursday photo… me hiking the west side of the Rocky Mountains… age ~7. ALL THE COOL KIDS WORE MEC AND CAMELBACKS OK?!


  • Oh ya know, just making smoothies and taking 48 photos of them. For real. My mom bought flowers and they just went so perfectly with my pomegranate and strawberry smoothie. Enter a smoothie photoshoot. #bloggerlife
  • IMG_4927
  • I have some new and exciting things coming to the blog! I am partnering up with Splash Juicery, a local cold-pressed juice bar in St. Albert, and I will be doing reviews of their juices and some of the other products they have to offer! I’m super excited – stay tuned!


  • THIS IS NOT OK. This week is flying by and I feel like I need the weekend to catch up on life things like SLEEP, laundry, food prep, and everything in between. School, work, marathon training, spinning, it’s all amazing and I love it all, but boy am I drained! Oh, and I have to call myself “bitch” in order to get my butt out of bed in the morning 😉


  • When someone points out that it is March this weekend:


That’s all for now, folks! I’m so proud of myself for remembering to link-up for the second week in a row! I have so many different things that I do on a weekly basis, from teaching spin to blogging to developing health surveys for my thesis to marking midterms and running… it’s crazy and I spend most of my day thinking out loud but it’s nice to get it in text every once and a while 🙂

Your random thought for the day?

What is your alarm labelled as?

Are YOU a juicer?


  1. YES to everything you said about the mountains! They’ve been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember, and being out there gives me a feeling that I don’t get anywhere else. I’m hoping to head out this weekend 😀

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