Welcome to the gun show.

I try so hard to strength train my arms and then when it comes to results… naddah. Zitch. Nil. Zero. I think I am doing so well with lifting weights and then I get down to do a push up on my toes and I collapse on the ground, back to square one. This running “off season” has given me the chance to take my strength training up a notch and focus on doing it at least three times a week. I have noticed some serious gains in my upper body strength, but I most certainly have a long way to go to rocking out pull-ups or whippin’ out 100 pushups.

gun show

I tried so many filters on that photo to enhance my muscles but it turns out you actually need some definition and muscle for that to work… oh well. I love early mornings at the gym because everyone there is a “regular” and we all have our own routines that – from the outside – probably looks like a choreographed dance number to watch. Every floats around each other and it seems no one gets in someone else’s way. It’s awesome!

Yesterday I focused on back and chest (<- yep, trying to get over my fear of strength training my back muscles). Chest press, chest flies, reverse fly, lateral row, vertical row… you name it. I love that feeling of lactic acid in my arm muscles because it seldom happens and it means I had a great strength workout! I was definitely feeling that yesterday!

I don’t know what happened to my hair while I was there but it’s shocking guys rarely hit on me at the gym…

hair shenanigans

I have been having eggs almost every day for breakfast. Starting off my day with lots of protein keeps me full for a while. As a vegetarian, eggs are a STAPLE in my diet so I can get lots of the vitamins, minerals, and protein found in animal meat, without actually eating the fleshy part of the animal. If I were vegan I would reeeeeeally have to branch out and find new sources of protein! I had trouble deciding between asiago and cheddar cheese yesterday on my eggs… when in doubt go with both. More cheese is always better.


I have arrived in Vancouver after battling a snow storm and then a rain storm to get here! I taught spin, quickly showered, froze my hair off running to my car, drove in a snow storm to the airport, parked MYSELF (independence, yo) in the giant airport parking lot, tried to sleep on the flight… didn’t happen, and then arrived to some fun rain. BUT I am here and I am ready for a weekend of awesomeness. I am heading up to Whistler Blackcomb today for some skiing (barring the major torrential downpour that was forecast for today). I haven’t been skiing in probably a decade so this should be interesting. It’ll be an adventure nonetheless!

we'll find adventures

Do you have a go-to strength routine?

Weights at home? At the gym? Personal trainer?



  1. Hey great pipes! 🙂

    I do weights at home a couple of times a week but if I head to the gym (super rare) I do a solid upper body workout. I like flexing to my husband and showing off my muscles, lol….as tiny as they are.

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