WIAW: I’m a Vancouver Foodie.

I had such a Vancouver foodie experience this past week, it was incredible! I normally get so sick and tired of eating at restaurants when I’m on vacation but I enjoyed every bite and sip of my weekend in BC. I decided not to be stressed about not eating my “regular” foods, enjoy being on vacation and the food that come with it, and embrace my inner foodie. I’m linking up with Jenn at Peas and Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday to share with you some of my eats from Vancouver!


You know how I vowed to take more high quality awesome photos? Yaaaa, my DSLR remained in my plane carry on luggage the entire trip. Most restaurants were really dark and taking phone photos would be useless so this post may require some imagination 😉 James and I explored some new-to-him restaurants and some of his faves but we didn’t make ONE bad dining decision because everywhere we went was amazing!


Breakfast – Dubh Linn Gate Pub – Hot Oatmeal with Dried Fruit

After our skiing plans were rained out, we were sopping wet, walking around Whistler Village and stopped into a pub to have a bit of brunch. I had a banana and granola bar when we left Vancouver on the road because this girl without breakfast is intolerable. A few hours later I was most definitely ready for brunch and this oatmeal was just what I needed to warm my chilled bones. Creamy, filled with pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries, this oatmeal was delicious!

Dinner – Pacifico Pizzeria – Vegetariana Pizza & Sleemans Honey Brown Ale

I talked about it in THIS pose but this pizza was unreal. It was huge and I most definitely couldn’t finish it, but it was great! I need more eggplant and artichoke hearts in my life. James had the butternut squash ravioli and said it was equally as good! We had a few hours to kill at this restaurant and when you can talk and talk with someone for three hours and almost forget you had a movie to catch – you know it was a good night.



Dinner – Patron Tacos & Cantina – Vegetable Stew Enchiladas & Corona

I was craving mexican food and this place did the trick. I never know what to get at a Mexican restaurant because everything has very similar ingredients  – tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, burritos… you name it. I decided on the veggie enchiladas which came with rice and beans on the side and they were delicious! Corn tortillas are perfection.


Lunch – Sushi Den – Avocado roll, yam roll, & spicy tofu

This place was steps from James’ apartment and as a very picky sushi connoisseur I was skeptical. It’s a tiny little place but oh man, it was good. HUGE rolls (both my friend Krista and I couldn’t even finish ours), it is dirt cheap, and it’s amazingly fresh. I was hooked… and probably could have eaten the rest of my Vancouver meals here.

Throwback photo of Krista and I… this girl rocks my socks and I am so glad I got to see her!


Happy Hour – Burrard Bridge Marine Bar & Grill – some sort of Amber ale…

I have officially determined I am an amber ale kind of girl. I don’t like sweet alcoholic drinks and I hardly ever drink but when I do, a nice cold amber ale is where it’s at. I don’t remember the name of the beer I tried at this place but it was great! We were sitting on a patio in February drinking beer, so how could it not be great?!


Dinner – Salam Bombay Indian Restaurant – Vegetable Korma

After happy hour, we continued our walk along the SeaWall and once we were hungry we continued our exotic cuisine tour with a stop at an Indian restaurant. I love middle eastern food because there are so many vegetarian options! I chose the vegetable korma and we split some rice and naan bread. Wonderful, not too spicy, and very filling.


Lunch – Terra Breads – Vegetable and asiago grilled sandwich

One of my neighbours told me I HAD to go to this place for their amazing baked goods. She wasn’t wrong. After a sweaty workout we hit up this waterside joint for some grilled sandwiches. Mind blowing. Creamy avocado, crispy vegetables, asiago cheese, and fresh baked bread. We sat at our table for a few moments after wondering how bad it would look if we got back into line and ordered more sandwiches… they were THAT good. I bought a couple loaves of bread on my way out to bring home to my neighbour 🙂


Dinner – Craft Beer Market – Quinoa Sandwich & Spinach Salad

Even though I was very clear in my foodie experience that I didn’t want to eat at any chain restaurants, we did end up going to Craft Beer Market which has a franchise in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. It was worth breaking my cardinal rule because I haven’t been able to make it to the one in Edmonton and I was happy to try it out in Vancouver! One of the only vegetarian options on the menu was a quinoa burger/sandwich that was heavenly. I can’t say enough about how great this sandwich was. Paired with Tree Thirsty Beaver Ale it was even better!

The length of this post is a great reminder of how much food and beer I had this weekend… nice.


I am definitely not a huge drinker… a one & done kind of girl, so each night we were out and enjoying a beverage that is exactly what I did. I picked a beer I wanted and enjoyed it with my delicious meal. Some days we forgot about lunch or had a late breakfast and when we were across town exploring we couldn’t make it back in time for dinner so we ended up being out for dinner. I LOVE that I am home to have normal meals at normal meal times and get back to routine but I can safely say I had the BEST foodie weekend in Vancouver. It was a real treat!

Are YOU a self-proclaimed foodie? Do you look for the cute independent restaurants with amazing food?

What was the last place you ate out?