800m repeats suck.

I was 100% right. 800m repeats suck. They are super tough and most importantly, my foot wasn’t too happy after I landed awkwardly on the treadmill belt during my last repeat! I got the workout done though and in good time! I wore my best get-noticed-getting-sweaty tights and bright shoes!


I did 9.0 miles with 6 X 800m repeats. After a 15-minute elliptical warm-up to get my legs loose after spin on Thursday, I did a 3 mile slow warm up. My legs felt so dead during the warm up which made me fear the speedy stuff even more! I did most of the intervals at 8.7mph (6:54 min/mile) and the last one at 8.6mph (7:00 min/mile) which made my average for the 6 of them 3:28.

800m rep

The goal of 800m repeats is to run them in the time you want to finish the marathon. If you wanted to run a 4-hour marathon, the 800m average should be 4-minutes. If you want to run a 3:30, the intervals should be done in 3:30. I’m clearly ready for a super speedy marathon at that pace 😉 I wish! After the speed work I headed home for quite possibly the best waffles I have ever made. Roasted pecan and apple waffles. OHMIGOD.


After my run my foot was feeling a tad off and it progressively got more sore throughout the day. In order to rule out anything serious I headed to the ER after work. X-rays are clear and no fractures for this girl, just some strained ligaments in my foot. My birthday run is tentatively postponed but after a couple of rest days I hope to be back in action! Dang physiology 😉

foot strain

What else does one do when they are told they can’t run for a little bit? Eat good food, text their mom, and indulge in some dessert. Luckily I had a rest day scheduled for today so I hope I don’t have to stray from my training schedule too much 🙂



I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend – send some healing vibes my way 😀


  1. The foot will be all healed up in no time and you’ll pound out those birthday miles before you know it!!

  2. YOu should really do a step by step how to make waffles like you do. I’m serious. I’ve never made waffles and do not even own a waffle maker so I am wondering what type you have? And how to get delicious looking ones like you post and make me super hungry! I love those tights! I am really hoping your foot feels better soon. I know that feeling of uncertainty when the foot just doesn’t feel ‘right’ and it sucks. Speedy healing 🙂

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