Cauliflower pasta sauce & inner Beyonce.

It’s official, treadmill running versus outdoor running was to blame for my calf soreness the past few weeks. I felt FABULOUS after my run on Sunday, 18 miles on the treadmill, and then even more FABULOUS the day after. How is this possible? I have been training on the treadmill for months and my legs are just use to it, they actually thrive on the treadmill 😉 I even went an extra mile during my recovery run yesterday! 4.25 miles to get that teeny tiny bit of stiffness out of my legs. I then walked a mile to finish off my easy workout! BAM. RECOVERED.


On Sunday night I made another recipe out of the Thug Kitchen cookbook. I seriously love that book. It has so many great recipes and they aren’t like most vegan cookbooks that contain weird ingredients that you would never have on hand. Plus, the cursing makes me feel like a badass motherf*cking chef. Uh oh… I think I’ve been reading it as a bedtime story too much 😉


This recipe was super delicious and contained one of the most versatile and delicious ingredients. I LOVE LOVE LOVE roasted cauliflower but I had never made it into a pasta sauce before! It was a super easy 30 minute recipe and though my legs were feeling fab after my run, I was still too tired to make another 3-hour lasagna from this cookbook!


Steamed cauliflower, soy milk, olive oil, lemon juice, and miso paste to make up the sauce. It then gets mixed with spinach and pasta and it is unreal. Super filling because it’s pasta but also really flavourful and fresh-tasting!


I am in love with my new sweatshirt from Etsy. I swear a whole lot more people should have recognized this sweater but apparently I am the only one around here appreciating my inner Beyonce 😉 I love the sweatshirt that Beyonce made famous in THIS music video and just had to have it. Plus, I also love kale.



No running today, just a spin class tonight and some strength training this morning. I am really proud of myself for including at least 2 days of strength training a week during this marathon training cycle. Last year it slipped off of my radar and I wound up injured so I’m really trying to stay strong 😀 Kale + lifting weights = winning combination!

Kale lovers or do you think it’s overrated?

Beyonce fans? Favourite song?