Choose Happiness.

Remember THIS juice review… well get ready for another one. I stopped by Splash Juicery for another dose of healthy last week and Taylor had finished whipping up an “amped” version of the Dragon’s Blood juice! Amped just means extra goodness, in this case ginger. This juice actually looks like dragon’s blood… or what I think dragon’s blood would look like. It’s so bright and full of nutrients!

splash purple

All of Splash Juicery’s products are organic. I don’t tend to solely buy organic for myself because $$$$$$$ but Taylor spends the extra money to get the good stuff. She said she could probably buy two or four times more produce if she weren’t buying organic but to get the best quality juice, you have to spend the money. No pesticides in this liquid gold.

beet dragons blood

The juice was thicker that I expected, but delicious! Like the last one, I wasn’t a huge fan of the ginger, but my dad likes ginger a lot more than I do and said it was great! I love how sweet the beets make it though. This juice contains beets, apples, lemons, carrots, and ginger. The nonamped version doesn’t have the ginger. Now that I am loving cooking with beets lately, I really enjoyed trying beets as a juice!


Check out Splash Juicery in St. Albert! Fresh juice every day and it. is. good. Taylor is FULL of knowledge about juicing, cleansing if you’re into that kind of thing, smoothies, nutrients, and more! Plus, you look cool and hip walking around with fancy juice. 308175% daily intake of vitamins anyone?

Disclaimer: Splash Juicery provided product for Canadian Girl Runs; all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Choose happiness. Sounds so simple but sometimes it’s so hard.

Yesterday I was at the store buying a couple of groceries, all queued up in the express line with a beet, basil, and some dish soap… you know, the usual… when a lady behind me came up with a FULL shopping cart. She was furious that there were only four regular checkouts open so she decided to take her fully loaded cart through the express lane. Her husband was so embarrassed at how ragey, loud, and curse-y she was. I have no idea what was going on in her life at the time, because it obviously wasn’t just about the extra three minute wait she had in the grocery line-up, but I thought about how our reactions really characterize us.


How we decide to start each day, react to each situation, smile or frown, compliment or criticize, really defines who we are. I honestly try to be that conversational-annoyingly-happy girl when shopping because not everyone loves their retail jobs or their grocery bagging jobs or their barista jobs, but it helps when you have happy customers who choose happiness. (<- I have been in retail customer service for about six years so I’m speaking from first hand knowledge 😉 ) Let’s start each day by choosing happiness.


It’s really hard to be upset when you’re smiling 🙂 Try it. Yep, sometimes life is tough, but choose happiness, choose your reactions, and smile.

Have you ever tried a cleanse? How did it go?

Any quotes you love or mantras you live your life by?