Friday Fun Facts.

TGIF. It’s Friday which means it’s speed work day! I am running 800m repeats today… pray for me. My friend and I were chatting and he said that his running group came to a consensus that 800m repeats were the worst interval to run. They are long enough that you feel like your legs are going to fall off and you have to have a bit of speed endurance but short enough that you have to bump up your pace to make them worth it. I’ll let you know if I vomit or not.

Time for some Friday fun facts because I love alliteration… that’s basically my only reasoning for that title.

friday we're bringing sexy back

Fun fact: I took way too many selfies yesterday.

I feel like my blog has lacked my usual 4.3 selfies per post lately. You’re welcome world. Obviously when I said I was productive at school I meant AFTER the mandatory morning selfie time. It’s a good thing I got to the office early because no one had to witness this happening.


Fun fact: My brother and I may be book smart AND street smart (obvs) but we’re not bird smart.

While I was using the beautiful morning light to take 38751 selfies, I noticed I had company. Does this mean the birds migrated back North already? Does they normally come back this early? What is going on? I asked my brother if they are normally back this early in the spring and he said he didn’t know because he wasn’t a goosologist… clearly post-secondary education has been a worthwhile investment for us.


Fun fact: I have feel like I have my life together when I wear bright shoes and I don’t know why.

Sorry about the pink glow in the above photo, that is my sweater reflecting in the window. Pink sweater, pink shoes, it was a good day. I normally drink black coffee in the morning but yesterday was a soy coffee misto kind of day. Maybe that’s why I got so much school work done!


Fun fact: Teaching a core class makes you realize how little you have done core strength training in the last few months. Yup, I said MONTHS. 

I wore my “Run the Earth” tank to teach spin and then core last night. I love that tank – perfect length, never rides up when spinning or running, and hides the sweat moderately well. For those of you that saw me at the gym in the morning, yes I wore the same shirt for two consecutive workouts. #savingwater

run the earth


Fun fact: I get into my pajamas as soon as I shower after spin, which is usually about 8 or 8:30pm. 

Yep, I’m 80 years old. Again, why do more laundry? PJs are comfy as hell and I am basically ready for bed after I get home from spin. We had such a fun class last night and everyone brought so much energy! I agreed to sub a core class RIGHT after spin, spin finished at 7, I started core at 7 – and the core class had about 30 people! I put them through a tough workout and I loved switching it up and teaching something different! I was extra exhausted when I got home… hence the polka dot pjs.

pj and pom

Fun fact: Frozen pomegranate seeds are AH-MAZING. I can’t get enough of them! They are a perfect burst of sweetness and an added crunch in a bowl with yogurt and banana. Best eaten while blogging in your pjs.

blog and pom

Fun fact: My comment spam is out of control. I get hundreds of spam comments per day and that only started happening last week. Has anyone else experienced this on Please continue to leave comments because I love to read them and it makes me smile but if you notice yours doesn’t show up on the post it might have accidentally been thrown in the giant bin of spam comments. I am trying to go through and find the ones that aren’t spam but please know I appreciate each and every comment and am humbled by each person that reads my blog 🙂

Happy Friday! See you on the other side of these 800s.

Leave me a comment with three fun facts: One about yourself, one about your weekend plans, and one about the last thing you ate!


  1. Yes, this is usually when he geese come back (more or less). And no, I’m no goose-ologist either 😉

  2. This weekend I am running around the bay in Hamilton Ontario it is 30 km. I’ve never run that far eek!?! And last night I had chocolate bark with sea salt and pumpkin seeds. It’s from cosco it is delicious!!

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