How do I get paid for this?

Yesterday was definitely on of the top 3 spin classes that I have taught. It was a full class (~24 people), we were in the most gorgeous spin room with so much natural light, and everyone was so enthusiastic and into it and worked their butts off! I was in the studio for at least 20 minutes after because everyone wanted to chat after!


That is most definitely a photo from last week because this week’s stadium looked a tad more snowy! I rocked out my playlist from THIS POST and that 10-minute hill pyramid and 7-minute layering drill were just as tough as when I taught them the first time. I put together new playlists every week because I get a lot of regulars in my class and new music is key to changing it up and making each class unique without boring people. Lately “Honey I’m Good” by Andy Grammer has been my favourite spin song – it has such a great beat!

spin play

Commonwealth was a lot busier than usual. The parking lots were full, but I wasn’t complaining because it was due to an Edmonton Eskimos unofficial get-together. I asked for some football players practicing on the field in front of our spin class last week and obviously I have a lot of pull in the Canadian Football league because this weekend there happened to be a TON of football players roaming around Commonwealth during my spin class. I have an access card to the recreation facility which is situated within the football stadium. I guess my fitness instructor access card doesn’t work to get into the Edmonton Eskimo’s offices and dressing rooms. I tried.

justice league meemberhsip card

After the super fun spin class a couple of people stuck around to ask me some questions about where I teach, how many people attend most classes I go to, etc. and I told them it was hard to believe I got paid to do this because I love it so much. I give it my all in class because I want to be a good role model for my participants. When I’m out of breath, they should be too! I can’t remember the last time I checked my wattage or calories after a spin class because I am more focused on whether or not my spin participants got a good workout and it is so refreshing to not be so concerned about my own workout. I love seeing people cringe when I tell them we have one more interval or grit their faces when we dive into higher rpms – seeing people push themselves out of their comfort zones and work themselves harder is so rewarding!

If you want to know a bit more about things I have learned teaching spin you can check out THIS POST. I honestly forget that I get paid to teach spin because it is so much fun. Yes, it requires time and effort to develop playlists and lesson plans, keep up to date on new music, arrive at facilities early to set up and stay late to ask questions, but it is incredibly worth it.

spin teach

After spin I threw some yams in the oven because I had worked up quite an appetite watching all of those football players spinning. Cubes, fries, chips… roasted yams are SO GOOD. I also topped a flax and multigrain pita with avocado, corn, and artichoke hearts and broiled it until it was crispy and hot.


Simple and delicious, that’s the name of my game. I am heading out for an 18-miler this morning and after it has been snowing for the last 2 days I have no idea what to expect for weather conditions. As long as it’s not windy or icy or cold or blowing snow or freezing rain or slippery or snowing I’m good. Is that really too much to ask? 😉

Have you ever trained with someone and focused more on their workout?

Are you a fitness instructor? What classes do you teach?!