Looks like I just dropped the beet.

Not a spelling mistake, these beets are legit. I bought two beets the other day when I was grocery stopping. I have never cooked beets before and honestly had no idea how to cook them but I knew two things – beets are delicious and super nutritious. One night I roasted them, like I would a root vegetable, and enjoyed them in a quinoa bowl, but on the weekend I made BEET BURGERS.



I didn’t even look at a recipe because I am such a professional chef now. I wanted to keep the pink colour of the beets in the burgers which meant a dark bean wouldn’t work. I used white kidney beans (cannelloni beans) so the colour of the beets would really come through. It is a really basic recipe, slightly similar to THIS recipe, but uber delicious. Simple ingredients; delicious results.


beet recipe

For best results a food processor works wonders on vegetarian burgers. If you currently have Yves or some other nonsense sitting in your fridge I want you to walk to your kitchen, throw out those burgers, and make some damn delicious homemade veggie burgers. I’m guilty of it, I have had those burger before, but never will I go back. It took be a total of 7.2 minutes to make these… c’mon. 😀

beet salad

I enjoyed my burger naked on a salad full of berries. Spinach, strawberries, blackberries, pomegranate seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, and Annie’s Natural balsamic vinaigrette. It was amazing. The burger isn’t super spice or sweet, somewhere in the middle, but it is really hearty and filling! TONS of fiber in these bad boys.


First try. No recipe. Perfect burgers.


If you are looking for other awesome burger recipes check out my Chickpea and Corn burgers or my Chickpea and lentil burgers. I love having the beans in a burger because it gives them such a hearty texture. I don’t think any other burgers will have a prettier colour but next on my list is some kind of sweet potato burger!

It’s almost grilling season – what is the first thing you throw on the BBQ?!

Marathon runners, do you drink beet juice?


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