Marathon Monday: Training Week 4!

Week 4 of my training for the Calgary Marathon is complete! In case you want to catch up, you can see Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3! These posts are basically my virtual training journal entries because I am reflecting on my weeks of training. If anything goes super wrong or super right during this training cycle I know where to come to track the failures and successes. Most people write these in a book that they keep for themselves and maybe their coach while I like to broadcast mine to the world.

Marathon Monday

Unlike last week, where I did WAY too much that wasn’t on my training plan, this week I kept it in check, did my prescribed workouts, and if I were to do extra, it was stretching and things that would actually help me to become a better runner! Imagine that.

Yesterday I had a solid 14-miler on the schedule. It was suppose to be above zero by the time I woke up… which was late… BLAME THE TIME CHANGE… so I had absolutely zero excuses to spend my morning indoors on the treadmill. I am so glad I ran outside, I was even HOT at some points of my run. No ice and I ran on country roads with few cars so I could practically run in the middle of the road where it was dry!


Yep, 7 degrees Celsius by the time I was done! The run went really well. It is so much easier to run faster paces outdoors! I didn’t run much of a hilly route but there was a solid “incline” for TWO MILES that I thought would never end. I wore my new Brooks Ravena 6s and they were dynamite.


I had a Clif bar (Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip) and a banana before I set off on my run. Seriously the only pre-run breakfast that works for me. No fuel on the run except for water. I hate that I rely on this “brown rice syrup” filled pre-packaged bar for my running fuel but it is so far the combo that leaves my stomach in perfect peace for the whole run. 14.82 miles of sunshine and smiles. I kept my pace in check as much as I could and took it nice and easy. The only reason I continued running that two miles “uphill” was because I knew coming back down it on my out-and-back route would be amazing. It certainly was!

garmin time

I can’t eat right away after my run but cold lemon water tasted amazing. I stretched, showered, and then made some brunch. It was practically noon when I was done and I was 110% okay with that. BLAME THE TIME CHANGE. I had the second half of my green smoothie that I kept in the freezer and some quinoats with peanut butter.


After some time spent sitting on my ass and reading about every other blogger’s run, I knew I needed to make the most of the sunshine so my mom and I walked to Starbucks for some running rehydration. My mom finds Costco’s dyed flowers incredibly amazing so she bought the most colourful bouquet yesterday!


It feels like Spring! Even though the mornings are ridiculously dark again and I was not too pleased about losing an hour of sleep, I like that it is staying lighter out later now! Bring on the green grass and t-shirt season please! Recap of my week of workouts:

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 1.50.53 PM

How was YOUR week of workouts?

Favourite flower? Lilies!


  1. Sounds like it was such a great day for a run. I am about to pack my running gear for tomorrow’s after work run and have realized that I have NO idea what to wear for the predicted 9 degrees here in Ottawa. It has been so long, I am just used to wearing every layer possible!

  2. Ya know, here in Saskabush, our clocks don’t change. So nice to live in God’s country!! LOL Glad you guys are back with us again!

  3. Great week looks like. The weather in Calgary is just amazing right now! Jealous. Usually Ottawa is nicer but not this year. Have you tried bean patties? I am eating them more and more in the morning for fuel. (blackbeans, oatmeal, egg (I use coconut milk), curry, any other spice you might like). Mash it together form in to patties and fry up like a burger. I eat it with a side of hummus and/or slice of avocado 🙂 Keeps me feeling fuel and no tummy issues.

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