Marathon Monday: Training Week 7!

Oh, sup. Just ma birthday today.


I had a super fun night last night with some friends/coworkers! Plus an awesome friend took me out for lunch before everyone came to my house. It’s suppose to be sunny and +11 today so I guess Mother Nature answered my birthday wishes 🙂 I have no work today and I don’t technically have to be at school today (read; I’m sooo not going to school today) so I am going to have the laziest, best day ever!


In a crazy-runner-person kind of way I do wish I wasn’t icing my foot today and that I was running 22 miles this morning. I am going to try and get some form of exercise in because otherwise I am going to go insane but it won’t be strenuous and it won’t be for long! Now for some regularly scheduled programming… Marathon Monday!

Marathon Monday

It was inevitable, the first training week where everything didn’t go perfectly! It’s bound to happen and instead of stressing about it, I’m trying to be positive, slow it down, reassess, and make sure I don’t do more harm than good with my upcoming week of training. If you didn’t catch THIS post, I’ll catch you up. Last week during my 800m repeat workout I stepped awkwardly on my right foot landing on the treadmill and according to my physician strained the ligaments on the top of my foot. It’s been painful to walk the last few days and I have been icing and resting as much as my sanity will let me. It should be a short recovery time, which is good, because I have a marathon to run in 9 weeks 🙂


Last year AT THIS EXACT SAME TIME OF YEAR, I injured myself and it cost me 4 weeks of training. Guess when I actually healed… when I actually rested. Imagine that. This time around I need to do things differently in order to get this foot back up and running (<- pun intended). I took the entire weekend off and did NO exercise. I even slept in and laid in bed until 9:13am yesterday morning. Who am I?! I wasn’t able to do my 22 mile birthday run but I ate 22 birthday brownies last night so… same thing right? My week started off great and ended in a bunch of rest, and hopefully this week will be the reverse, starting with a few rest days and then slowly diving back into training.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 11.17.11 PM

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes – I have some pretty awesome people in my life 🙂 I think 22 is going to be a great year, especially if I just keep dancing like I’m 22. Hey, I only have one year to reference that Taylor Swift song so you better believe I’m going to abuse it.

If you have ever had a perfect training cycle, what do you attribute the success to?

Best birthday dinner ideas?!


  1. Hey Kris
    Sorry about your foot boo-boo. Hope you have a Happy Birthday and we will see you in August. Unless you come and see us first!!

    Love ya,

    Uncle Dave & Uncle Teck

  2. Happy birthday!
    I always look forward to reading your posts each morning, so thanks for that gift to the running world!
    Rest up!

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