March is Nutrition Month!

I think every month should be nutrition month, but this featured nutrition month does bring great awareness to nutrition in Canada, especially through Dieticians of Canada campaigns. Many documentaries, statistics, and information about the obesity epidemic targets our US neighbours but Canada is just as bad and has just as much of a crisis emerging. Nutrition is such an underestimated part of healthy living, I think this notion has improved drastically over the past couple of decades but we have a long way to go! So let’s celebrate NUTRITION!

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My cousin commented on THIS post that her favourite healthy eating quote was one from Michael Pollen and I have fallen in love with it. “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” How is that for short and sweet. Healthy eating shouldn’t be as stressful as it is made out to be!


Nutrition month 2015 is all about preparing to eat healthily all day long. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Last night I made my post-spin/pre-hockey game dinner, as well as my lunch and dinner for the next day after I got home from school because I knew if I didn’t make something, I would buy something, and that “something” would probably be a lot more expensive and a lot less healthy than homemade food. Make it to take it.

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A huge “preparation” thing for me this past year has been utilizing LEFTOVERS. It really doesn’t take much effort, just a few Tupperware containers, and cooking a little extra a night for dinner will enable you to prepare a healthy lunch for the next day. A double batch of soup, an extra cup of quinoa, roasting a few extra vegetables… all make great meals the next day. For me it helps me avoid the carrot, pita, and hummus lunch for 3819751 days straight when I can take fully prepared meals instead!


I had couscous with some chopped vegetables, steamed broccoli and spinach, and grilled tofu for dinner the other night and I cooked up the rest of the tofu to put on a salad for my lunch the next day. It wasn’t the same meal as the night before so I didn’t feel like I was monotonously eating the same thing, but that extra step of cooking up tofu I probably wouldn’t have done if I had to do it separately for my lunch. It’s the little things.


If you want to learn more about the 2015 Nutrition Month campaign, here are a few resources!

What are your favourite leftovers to pack and go?

How do YOU stay healthy all day long?

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  1. Love the food pics! I like to carry healthy snacks so I can nibble on things at my desk. But to keep myself from sitting at my desk too long I take a lot of “bathroom” breaks and take the looooong way to the bathroom 🙂

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