March Squat Challenge: UPDATE!

At the beginning of March I took up a monthly challenge once again. I decided to do a 30-Day Squat Challenge. You can check out my post about it HERE! I found the challenge online… thankfully… because I probably would have forgotten to put rest days on the schedule if I had made it myself. The challenge starts with 50 squats on Day 1 and ends with 250 on Day 30. OH EM GEE. Squats are hard guys. Here is a bit of a run-down of how my emotions play out on a daily basis.

I start imagining how great my ass will look at the end of March. Damn, girl.


I take a look at the Squat Challenge schedule. Day 17: 150 squats. I got this. Zone in, girl.

Zoning in on squats

I do one squat. Someone walks by (most likely a family member) and tells me to pause longer at the bottom. I should be slowing down to get the most burn in my muscles. Count it out, girl.

Someone asking you to squat for them

91 down, 59 to go.

Doing the squats

DONE. Take a look at your Squat calendar. Flip it off and walk away like a boss.

Walking away from the squat calendar

Someone asks how your squats are going as you hobble down the stairs.

After the squats can't walk

17 days down, 13 days to go. Today on my squat calendar is 155 squats… that would be after my 7 mile run. Holy moly, wish me luck! Needless to say my squats are going well and my ass is looking dynamite. I actually love these challenges because they don’t take too much time out of my day, they truly challenge my fitness, and I see results in 30 days! My birthday is March 30 and I have to do 250 squats that day. Oh lord.

Does anyone still have some 2015 challenges/goals going?!

Can you tell which show I’m still addicted to? #Friends