March Squat Challenge.

It is really hard coming up with monthly fitness challenges when you have been doing them for almost 3 years! After what was a successful foodie challenge in February, I am ready for a kick butt fitness challenge in March! It is also my birth month (yes, I basically celebrate the whole month) so I want to finish strong this month with a great challenge!

march fitness challenge

I am heading back to the squats this month – this time regular squats instead of wall sits – but ass definition here I come. I love working my legs and glutes and I know this is a great way to do it. This 30-day challenge also has squat-rest days in it so I think it is totally doable.


I most easily get injured in my hips, glutes, and hamstrings because those are often super hard to strengthen and stretch, so I hope by continuously working these muscles with small movements I will do myself some good with this challenge. In addition to marathon training my legs and butt should be nice and toned for summer 😉

great idea

What is YOUR March challenge?

Any other March birthdays?!