My favourite spin participant.



Why was this week SO LONG? I wasn’t any busier than usual but the week certainly dragged. I definitely had some rockin’ spin classes though. Guess who came to my spin class last night…

A) Adam Levine

B) A guy that looks like Dwayne Johnson 

C) My dad

D) B & C


If you chose D you are CORRECT!! My dad came home early from work and drove with me to spin class so he could take my class! As an avid cyclist my dad loves to be on the bike and I’m sure with the warm weather he was itching to get some sweaty cycle time 😀 The reason “D” was right is because there was also a guy that looked like The Rock in my class. The Rock’s twin was super muscly and super nice.

Note: if “A” had been the correct answer there would not be a blog post this morning because I would still be passed out on the spin room floor with excitement.


Both “The-Rock’s-Twin” and my dad were sweatin’ hard. It was a tough class, but I had some great music to get people through. We did a 10 minute hill pyramid and a 7 minute layering drill IN THE SAME CLASS. I usually have 17 or 18 songs on my playlists for my hour-long spin classes but this one had 16, which means they were longer songs than normal. In spin terms that means longer intervals and less breaks to rest!

My dad said, “Kris, this was the best spin class I have ever been to and you are such an incredible and inspiration instructor.” I mean, I’m paraphrasing, but that’s basically what I heard. I loved having my dad in class and it is safe to say he is my favourite spin participant… that is until Adam Levine shows up in class.

spin play

After spin I am never usually very hungry. I eat dinner ridiculously early, like 4pm early, before spin so that I have a couple of hours to digest my food before I cycle. It is around 8pm when I get home and I know when I get up to workout the next morning I will be starving but I never want to eat anything super heavy or big or warm after spin. I found a great solution last night. For the past couple of weeks I have had cereal with berries or a smoothie and last night I had a yogurt bowl.

yog bowl

I filled the bottom of the bowl with frozen blueberries because otherwise I tend to over-pour a serving of yogurt, then I added vanilla coconut milk yogurt, and topped it with everything under the sun. It was DELICIOUS.

yogg bowl

It was cold which was nice because I think I was still sweating from spin class. It was light so I didn’t go to bed with a full stomach. It was also REALLY good! I had never had fortified coconut yogurt before and I just bought it because it was on sale (usually I eat plain Greek yogurt) and I was curious. It gets a thumbs up from me but I think I will stick to plain yogurt because I don’t like it that sweet 🙂

What do you snack on at night? 

Do you eat before you workout in the morning?


  1. This week did feel long!
    During the week I don’t eat anything before I workout, probably just because it’s too early. On the weekend, I’m all over oatmeal pre-run – it’s the best :).

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