Oh the things I have learned – Injuries.

Another rest day today which makes TWO days in a row. It’s been a while since that happened. My foot is still a tad sore and it’s slightly painful to put weight on my right foot so another day of icing and rest it is 🙂 Over the past few years of running I haven’t had broken bones, fractures, or significant injuries but I have had my fair share of strained muscles, nagging muscle pain, and significant muscle tightness. I’m definitely not an expert on preventing injuries… clearly… but I thought I would round up a collection of the posts I have written about injuries and things I have learned! Or apparently… not learned.

  • Injuries for most runners are often a result of over-doing it. I want to do it all and I 100% admit that. Sometimes that doesn’t work out in my favour. If I could go for a run in the morning, teach a spin class, go for an outdoor swim, and then a lovely walk each and every day I would. BUT REST DAYS ARE IMPORTANT. Check out THIS post to discover all of the things you can do on a rest day that don’t include exercising!


  • How (NOT) to train for a marathon. I think I should read this every time I start a new training cycle. Check out THIS post for a sarcastic look at lessons I learned regarding training for a marathon.


  •  HERE is a post from last year, oddly enough around the same time of year, in which I went to the mediclinic to check out an injury and he gave it to me straight, “Kris, just slow it down, ok?” I had such a great experience with that doctor because he really understood how important running was to me and he gave me honest advice and feedback.

keep your tears in your eyes where they belong

  • Last year after fighting with some foot pain that actually turned out to be a glute injury (referred pain is so silly), I took advantage of physiotherapy and massage sessions to get me through. The most beneficial aspect of physio for me was the exercises and stretches that they gave me to do on my own that would help strengthen some of the forgotten running muscles like the hips and glutes. I still use them today!! More on how I started with physio HERE! Also, if you have never had a massage before, GO NOW.

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  • When in doubt, pretend you’re injured. I’m not kidding. Not in an annoying way where you tell every single person you are injured and that’s why you are wearing a preventative cast on your foot, but in a cautionary way. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not right. No one knows your body better than you, not even your doctor, so take it easy if you feel off. I promise the rest days you DECIDE to take in a preventative manner are 130847% better than the rest days that you are FORCED to take when you have a full blown injury! A bit more in pretending to be injured in THIS post!

I’m resting up today and taking it day by day with these strained ligaments in my foot 🙂 It should be a short recovery but in all honesty my recovery time is UP TO ME. Yup, I could be stupid and stubborn and claim to go for a “test run” today when I know I’m not healed but that would probably tear those ligaments even more and increase my recovery time to far more than it would be if I had taken it easy, listened to my body, and let myself heal.

Any running injuries out there… I mean, obviously there are 😉 Tell me about them!


  1. I have left hamstring tendonitis and (recently) left hip pain. The tendonitis is manageable. I try not to overdo it. I ice and rest and stretch etc. My hips are really weak though and so the left hip pain is starting to worry me. I rest tomorrow and cross train on Tuesday so hopefully by Wednesday it will be better.

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