Speedwork is hard, guys.

I know it is suppose to be, but speed work is hard. I secretly love it because it pushes me out of my comfort zone and is hopefully making me a faster runner. After teaching spin on Thursday nights, I am back at the gym Friday mornings just 10 hours later for my speed work run! I try to get a bit of elliptical or cycling warm-up before I hope on the treadmill because jumping into my run with stiff legs just won’t happen.

Yesterday’s workout: 9 miles with 15 X 1 minute repeats at 6:38 min/mile. One word: SWEAT. I made it through and was so happy to be done. I finished off the 9.06 miles and then walked a little bit to cool down, then headed to the mats to stretch. And by stretch, I mean lay on the ground for a few minutes before I finally had the energy to actually stretch.

speed work

Speedy runs are more fun in bright tights. It’s a fact. I always wear my Brooks PureCadence shoes for speed work runs because they are super lightweight and psychologically it helps me run faster… who knows if it actually makes a difference. 😉


I didn’t post a “Thinking Out Loud Thursday” post this week and now I have all of these random thoughts for this post! I am LOVING breakfast lately. I feel so creative in the morning and I have had pancakes, quinoa bowls, waffles, and oatmeal with creative toppings this week… it has been unreal. I really hope this creativity continues! Also; if you don’t follow me on Instagram you really should. #foodporn


Loving this combination too – toast with avocado.


I really don’t know why I haven’t been invited to NY Fashion Week yet? Plaid and bows, I feel like that is the most “Canadian girl” thing to do.


I stopped by Splash Juicery this week to pick up some fancy new juices to try. I am so excited to share my reviews with you, stay tuned for some more featured juices next week! I love how creative the girls are at Splash, every day they are trying out new recipes, featuring different drinks, and using the best available seasonal produce to create magic. I am never going to get sick with all of the vitamins in my body!

stay tuned

After work today I am planning on enjoying the most relaxing rest of the weekend. This week exhausted me! It’s funny how I consider a 14 mile long slow run to be relaxing but I am really looking forward to it. Who knows, it might just be OUTSIDE. *gasp*

What are YOUR weekend plans?

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  1. I have an unhealthy fear of speed work. I psych myself out of pushing too hard because I’m scared I’ll get injured again. I have to find a way to get out of my own head 🙁
    This morning I swam and tomorrow I’m supposed to run but the weather doesn’t look like it’s going to facilitate that so it may end up being a gym day for me (and then hopefully I’ll be able to run on Monday)

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