Spin cures everything.

I swear spin class cures everything. I know I talk a lot about how terrible it is to go for a run only 11 hours after teaching a spin class but I can’t tell you the number of times I have had a bit of stiffness, a bit of soreness, I weird twinge, or a bad mood, and spin class has cured it all! I subbed a spin class at Commonwealth Recreation Centre yesterday morning and it was great! It is one of the biggest classes I have taught and they are a fun group of peeps! Plus, this view is great!


When does football season start? Aka when will there be hot football players practicing while we spin?

The microphone stopped working halfway through class, I threw in one of the batteries that was laying around the stereo system and kept teaching. It lasted 15 minutes and the microphone died again. I just ripped it off my head and went without a mike. I’m surprised I left with a voice. Spinning and talking is hard… spinning and yelling is even harder! My class was so patient with me and told me I did great despite the technological difficulties!

seflie spin

My car was sitting in the sun while I was teaching spin and when I left it read “17 C” when I left. SUNROOF TIME! I rolled down the windows, cranked some tunes, rolled open my sunroof and smiled the whole way home. Check out this blue sky!



This March has been balla so far. (<- do people still say that?) On my walk to work on Friday it was muddy but I didn’t even care. Muddy means the ground is not frozen and the ground not being frozen means it is WARM! After teaching spin yesterday I showered and went to work and missed out on all of the beautiful sunshine. It was torture.


16 miles this morning. Oh lord.

Where is your favourite workout view?!

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