Splash Juicery Review: Sailor’s Delight.

My first splash juicers review! I have partnered up with a local cold-pressed organic juicery to deliver some hot cold and fresh reviews on their delicious products! But first, random nonsense from my life that I NEED to talk about obviously. Yesterday the wind was insane and it was freezing cold, I hit up the treadmill for 4 recovery miles that actually felt really good and some stretching. I also did Day 2 of the 30 day-squat challenge and completed 55 squats.


I was chilled just running from my car to my front door and decided a bowl of hot oatmeal sounded pretty amazing for breakfast. I branched out from my usual peanut butter and banana oatmeal. It’s a miracle. I cooked my oats in half water and half coconut milk and a tablespoon of chia seeds, then topped it with more coconut milk, banana slices, and shredded coconut. OHMIGOD, it was the bomb diggity.


After work yesterday I popped into a barre class before I headed home for dinner. It was super awesome and definitely shaky! I had an instructor I have never had before and she was great! She was really encouraging and I love that each time I go to the class the instructors know EVERYONE by name. You can’t drop your releve when the instructor has just called you out on it!

On the weekend I picked up THIS cookbook and I read it as a bedtime story last night. #foodieloser I am actually SO STOKED to make some of these recipes. Plus, their slogan is amazing… just eat like you give a f*ck.


Last week I met with the owner of Splash Juicery, Taylor. We are going to be working together over the next few months to release reviews on each of her organic, cold-pressed juices, as well as other products that the store has to offer! I am super stoked!

splash juicery review

I am not a juicer. In fact, the thought of cleaning up the aftermath of a juicer makes me want to cry, but having a local juicery with fresh, cold-pressed juice just down the street from my house? Sounds good to me! I am definitely skeptical of juices because in my mind, the fiber of fruit is integral to the fruit and without it, juice is just a whole lot of sugar. I am always openminded though and love to explore new foods! I love that Taylor incorporates lots of vegetables in her juices because I think that will helps lots of people get greens they wouldn’t normally eat! I have a slight fear that drinking these crazy organic, tree-hugging juices will turn me into a hippie.


The first juice I tried was called “Sailors Delight.” It is made with apple, red cabbage, celery, grape, lemon, and ginger. The colour of it is super awesome, hence “sailor’s delight.” I would never think to juice red cabbage and celery so this one was definitely a shocker!


I was expecting a sweet juice but it wasn’t as sweet as I thought it was going to be! It was more acidic than I thought but it was really good! I could feel my digestive system thanking me 😉 The ginger was stronger than I would have preferred but I think the apple complimented it nicely.


The nutrition information is not listed on the bottles of fresh juice but Taylor was happy to provide the information for me and for anyone else who asks! Of course, it is full of natural sugars but this bad boy comes packed with potassium, vitamins, and minerals. I was honestly shocked to see the amount of iron in the juice – something I always have to watch!

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 7.51.36 PM

I can’t wait to try some more juices but “Sailor’s Delight” was pretty good. It was more acidic and less sweet than I thought it was going to be but you could definitely taste how fresh it was. The ginger, lemon, celery, and red cabbage all really came through, and thought I would have loved more apple in it, I still would have it again! Stay tuned for more reviews!

Disclaimer: Splash Juicery provided product for Canadian Girl Runs; all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Are you a juicer?

Is winter over where you live??


  1. I love juicing but it’s such a pain to clean up. I love making my own orange/grapefruit/ginger juice when I feel like I have a cold coming on and I need a fresh pick-me-up.

    After the snow and freezing rain we had in Ontario last night winter is definitely still here. I want to be optimistic that it’s hovering around -1 right now, but there’s a cold-weather alert in effect for tonight. I am so ready for spring. 🙁

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