Spring Fitness Tips!

As of Friday it is officially SPRING, you know, the day Albertans got a foot of fresh snow! I love spring. I don’t think I have a favourite season because they are all pretty fabulous, but spring is refreshing to me… and not just because my birthday is at the beginning of spring… FIVE days people, FIVE. Spring is a time to register for summer and fall races, a time to reassess our fitness goals and see where we want to push ourselves this summer, and a chance to slowly and painfully drift from the treadmills and into sunshine-filled runs!


The possibilities start becoming endless for spring fitness and if you’re anything like me you really want to do it all. Cycling season is approaching and I’ll be getting my road bike unhooked from the wind trainer and ready for the open road. Race season is beginning shortly and I have already signed up for TWO marathons this year (<- more on that tomorrow!) and there are a tons of new races, old races, and fun races to be done, how does one decide?! Finally, one of my favourite parts of spring is the longer days which means delightful evening walks in the crisp night air. It’s not intense exercise but instead of retreating to the television or to an endless blackhole of Youtube videos, a walk in the fresh air is perfect before bed.


Spring Fitness Tips!

  1. Increase mileage slowly and build up a summer running base. Yep, 20 milers became the norm in August but this is a new year and it might take a few extra weeks than you think to have that same feeling back. Don’t drive straight in, especially if you are going from treadmill to road!
  2. Sign up for a race! My mom did this just this past weekend, sitting beside an empty wine bottle, she registered for the Calgary Marathon to do the half! Liquid courage… I’m so proud of her. 😉 Pick a race you have been thinking about over the winter or get a group of friends together to do one together. Even a 5K to kick off the season – something to get your focused on your 2015 goals!
  3. Join a training group! Motivation dwindling, marathons daunting, team up with a few people who have similar goals or join a Running Room training group to get yourself out the door, make new friends, and get training!
  4. Buy new workout gear. Guilty! Those new pink Ravenna 6s will look great this spring and make your shoes pop on the roads, Kris… you should buy them, Kris… they’ll make you run faster. (Yes, my shoes talk to me 😉 ) A new workout top or a new pair of shoes might be just the thing to kickstart spring training!
  5. Remember all of the things you learned last spring… ALL OF THEM.
    1. Sunscreen is important on long runs in the sun. Trust me.
    2. Garmin tan lines are cool.
    3. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.
    4. There is often a time where morning runs will be just at freezing temperature so BE CAREFUL.
    5. Dawn and dusk are worse than pitch black for running -> stay seen!! Another excuse to buy bright new running gear.


Most importantly, let’s all celebrate that we don’t have to set our alarms 10 minutes early to warm up our cars every morning, scrape our windshields, and defog the windows. Hallelujah.

What is your favourite thing about spring?!


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