Things that happened this week.

I am heading off for 14 miles this morning. I think I am still trying to get in the groove of the long runs because I remember last training cycle having 16 milers feel short and I really can’t wait for that time because right now my long runs are just that – loooooooong. Take a wild guess as to whether I am running outside or on the treadmill this morning.

  • This week was full of avocado. You know when you buy avocados in bulk at Costco and they all ripen at once so you are forced to fill your meals with the delicious creaminess of the green fruit… yup, that happened.


  • Avocados in ALL THE FOOD meant some wicked green smoothies this week. There is an inordinate amount of spinach in this smoothie, plus avocado, which is giving it that amazingly terrifying green glow. Half an avocado, one banana, two tablespoons of peanut butter, a few cups of spinach, unsweetened soy milk, and ice. Serves 2. Hawaiian umbrellas optional but recommended.


  • I put half of the green smoothie in the freezer for some avocado banana peanut butter “ice cream” today. I am so excited for it. It may be what I’m thinking about for 74% of my run.

avoacado smo

  • This week I discovered THIS blog, called In My Bowl, as well as her instagram account which makes me hungry whenever I catch her posts. Holy deliciousness. I want to try making some of her recipes and this one is first on the list! Plus, the food photography is inspirational.

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  • This week I did the majority… ok, ALL of my runs on the treadmill. I read THIS article about how to run long on the treadmill and it had some super good ideas like dedicating each mile to someone or something, and planning certain challenges for each half mile or three-quarters of a mile to change it up a bit like adding some incline or speed.
  • HUGE congratulations to all of the runners (and bloggers) who ran the Phoenix half last weekend. So many people had super successful runs and it seemed to be a great race for all! Check out Kaella, Jen, and Christina‘s race recaps because they all ROCKED it.


  • I roasted beets. I ate beets and quinoa for dinner. I peed pink the next day and thought I was dying of internal bleeding. Then I made the connection. #winninglife


  • This week I tried nutritional yeast. I was sooooooo skeptical because.. ew, but it was actually really good and totally smelt and tasted like a nutty parmesan-like cheese! Crazysauce!

My week clearly revolved around food but what week of my life hasn’t? Another Marathon Monday post coming at you tomorrow for a recap of week FOUR of my training! 1/4 of the way there! Terrifying!

What is one random thing you did this week?


  1. I love nutritional yeast (nooch) and find it a good sub for cheese in lots of things.

    YES to those Costco avocados. That happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Funny!

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! I always hate the day after beets. I always think I’m dying too. I have been really into treadmill running lately too. I was planning my 14 miles on my sisters treadmill but it was acting up. Today I’ll be taking it outside because it’s supposed to be beautiful in calgary and would be a shame to waste that inside.

  3. I love nutritional yeast! I was also skeptical at first (the name is not super appealing) but it’s great on top of popcorn with some melted coconut oil and a little salt. Way better than bagged popcorn!

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