Thinking Out Loud Thursday #6!

It’s finally Thursday! I feel like this week has been dragging! On Tuesday I swear it was suppose to be Friday. I had a super busy weekend so I just felt I needed an extra day off… OR I was too excited to link up with Amanda at Running with Spoons that I just couldn’t wait! Time for another round of Thinking Out Loud Thursday – a chance to fill you in on all of the random thoughts going through my mind this week!


  • I SAW THE NORTHERN LIGHTS. I have lived in Alberta for almost three years now and I had yet to see the Northern Lights UNTIL NOW. My mom, neighbour, and I were out for a walk on Tuesday night after I taught spin and we live close to the outskirts of town where there aren’t too many street lights. It was just dark enough to see the green lights in the sky dancing about over the fields. SO COOL. Note: not my photo, it’s from here, this is just what it looked like.


  • Spin on Tuesday night was so sweaty. I pushed the class through a tough workout. In fact, I think I almost threw up after a 10 minute hill climb… and I WAS TEACHING THE CLASS. No wonder people call me names 😉 It was a great class though because when I showed up at the gym there were 5 fire trucks responding to the rec centre’s fire alarm going off. FIVE. With 4 or more firemen arriving in each truck… hot damn.


  • Katie Nolan has been on the Jay and Dan podcast (one of my faves!) a couple of times and I never really paid much attention but after spending far too much time watching her “No Filter” videos on YouTube, I have determined she is kind of the best person on the planet.


  • Like thousands of other Edmontonian commuters, I just have to say… WTF Groat Road? How do giant beams just bend like that? I am so confused. Oh well, at least now I have an excuse not to go to school and work from home when I don’t have class!


  • Yesterday I had a 7 mile tempo run on the training schedule. After that tough spin class mentioned above, I was worried my legs would not be ready 12 hours later for a faster run. After 15 minutes of warming up and loosening up on the elliptical I actually felt really good and rocked out a 7 mile run with 3 miles at tempo pace. The three miles averaged 7:51 min/mile and I took it easier for the other 4.


  • I’m considering writing a waffle cookbook. My waffle maker is getting quite the workout lately. Yesterday I couldn’t decide between having waffles or oatmeal for breakfast after my tempo run so I made oatmeal waffles. Oat flour + whole oats + vanilla coconut yogurt + a few other ingredients = heaven. Obviously topped with peanut butter.


  • Spring begins on FRIDAY!! The weather has been unseasonably warm lately but spring officially begins on Friday, just in time for our forecast to call for snow. Nice work Mother Nature 😉 I am definitely not complaining because if you take a look at Heather’s blog over at Girl Goes Running, you will see that Alberta is looking pretty good compared to the Canadian east coast!


I hope your week is going by faster than mine. I would really prefer the weekend starting today but apparently I don’t have to power to decide things like that. I teach another round of spin at Commonwealth Stadium on Saturday and I am PUMPED. Guys, it’s going to be awesome. Is it too much to ask for some hunky Edmonton Eskimos to be practicing on the field outside our windows as we spin?? 😉

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Have YOU ever seen the Northern Lights?!

Best breakfast you’ve had lately?


  1. I would love to see the northern lights! They look so beautiful. I think you should definitely write a waffle cookbook! Your recipes lately have been making me very hungry 🙂

  2. Growing up, I always thought the Northern Lights were some mean lie that adults conjured up to make me sad! I hope to one day see it for myself! That picture is awesome!! You are an active person, my goodness! Spin class and a tempo run?! Your warm up on the elliptical was all the exercise I did today… whoops haha!

    Best breakfast: a strawberry creme brûlée waffle sandwich with crystalized sugar! YUM

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