Thinking Out Loud Thursday #7!

Whaddup party people? Another completely random blog post, unlike all of my other completely cohesive and non-tangent blog posts 😉 It’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday time!!


In case you don’t know what the heck I am talking about, head on over to visit Amanda at Running with Spoons for all of the deets! Every week, Amanda hosts a link-up with bloggers from around the globe to share a post all about thinking out loud and it’s Thursday… Thinking Out Loud Thursday.


  •  FOUR DAYS. I am turning 22 and I am still as excited for my birthday as I was when I was 12. Sunday, the day before my birthday, is my training long run day and I am bumping up my long run to make it 22 miles. That means I’m taking it extra slow and enjoying every single birthday mile. 22 miles for my 22nd birthday. What am I going to do on my 60th birthday??


  • My parents gave me my birthday present early – A NEW IPHONE 6!! My iPhone 4 was dying a slow and painful death after 5 years of life and I held out for my birthday with the hope that my generous and most amazing parents would buy me one. They are in fact the best parents ever. You don’t realize how old your technology is until you get the latest and greatest. I can use my fingerprint to unlock my phone… MY FINGERPRINT! I feel like a wizard when I unlock the screen.


  • The new phone is so light and thin. I could literally throw my iPhone 4 across the room and it would survive with no damage done but this one I think I could drop on a pillow and it would shatter. After spin on Tuesday, the day I got my phone, I bought a case for it because I just know I would drop it without one. Check out how beautiful it is! You can find it HERE.


  • Smoothies with fresh fruit are just simply refreshing! I had enough time to race home and change for work after school yesterday (normally I go straight from school to work) and I was contemplating what food to bring to work and a smoothie sounded perfect. Strawberries, banana, and frozen pomegranate seeds blended with unsweetened soy milk.


  • The sun is setting just in time for my commute home from spin class. I love this time of year when the days get longer and longer. My drive isn’t half bad with this view!


  • As if this Thinking Out Loud Thursday could get any more exciting what with all of the birthdays and new phones and sunsets… I have a race registration announcement! I alluded to a new race in my schedule in THIS post and I am so happy to announce that I WILL BE RUNNING THE CHICAGO MARATHON! Say whaaaaaa? I signed up for a guarenteed entry spot a few weeks ago and just heard the other day that I got in! I was able to use my 3:37 Edmonton marathon time to guarentee a women’s sub-3:45 entry spot. Who knows if I’ll ever run that fast again so I might as well take advantage of it! My friend and super speedy running buddy Shawn got in too! I’m so excited!! The race is October 11, 2015 which means after the Calgary Marathon I will have a few weeks of rest before heading into a second training cycle for this fall marathon!


I hope you enjoy every ounce of your Thursday. If you haven’t purchased my birthday gift yet what are you waiting for I like dark chocolate, dark coffee, and tall, dark, and handsome men. Should be easy enough. 😉 After an easy 8-miler yesterday (8:37 min/mile pace) I have strength and spin on my schedule today! I am really digging this 4-runs/week schedule 🙂

What is one random thing on YOUR mind today?

Anyone out there done the Chicago Marathon before?

Birthday runners? What happens when I cross the 27 mile threshold? 😉


  1. Congrats on Chicago!!!!!! I will be there too and I am so excited! It will be my first marathon so I’m also nervous about it but I can’t wait! We should do a blogger link up 🙂

    I recently dropped my iPhone 6 (in a case) and the screen shattered 🙁 As much as the bulkier cases are annoying I will have to use them from now on because the cost to repair a shattered screen is painful

  2. Congrats on getting accepted to Chicago, girl! And how freaking amazing is the new iPhone!? I was rocking a 4 before I got my new one as well, and holy.snap did it make a world of difference. I can’t even hold my old one anymore without feeling like it’s some kind of toy 😆 Happy -almost- birthday!!

  3. Chicago! How exciting. And happy almost birthday.
    Once I hit 25 birthdays no longer became exciting to me. I remember never understanding that when people weren’t excited about their birthdays. Totally get it now. Hope you never lose your excitement 🙂

    1. Thanks 🙂 I’m sure there will come a time when I no longer get excited about my birthday but hopefully not in the near future 😛

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