Buns of steel & April Challenge.

My birthday month is over, which I guess means I have to stop telling people it’s my birthday month. I can’t say I nailed my March fitness challenge, but I did pretty well. If you need proof, you can check out my buns of steel. If you want a refresher, you can check out my March Fitness Challenge post from the beginning of the month. I vowed to take part in a 30-day squat challenge during the month of March!

march challenge recap

As a reward for 93% completing the challenge, I bought that amazing workout top. Basically the story of my life… yes, I will squat for peanut butter. It was a tough challenge, and the schedule even called for rest days! Day 1 began with 50 squats and day 30 finished with 250 squats. OUCH.

I wrote THIS post about the daily feeling of taking part in a squat challenge.

Doing the squats

I started out really well with the challenge and made it over 3 weeks without missing a day. The day after my long run, on March 23, I just couldn’t do 190 squats. I laid in my bed and remembered that I still had to do them at 10:30pm and decided that I would skip it. That only happened two other days, the day I injured my foot and couldn’t stand on it never mind do 230 squats with my weight on it, and I don’t remember the other day but I missed a third day.


It was a difficult challenge and though I can’t say I did the entire thing, I did 27 days of it, and I have the butt to prove it. In the later stage of the challenge I did the squats in sets of about 25 because doing 240 squats at one time is impossible. IMPOSSIBLE.

I thought a lot about what I wanted to do for an April Challenge on my drive home from spin last night. It was a SWEATY class because I don’t think the gym could keep up with the hot outdoor temperatures! It got to 19 yesterday!! It was super hot and sunny all afternoon but as I was driving to spin it became uber windy. When I left spin it was dark and rainy and was possibly the first prairie thunderstorm of the season! WTF Alberta weather!!



Pushups. Ugh, just shoot me now. I know how good push-ups are for me and my strength, I KNOW. They are just so damn hard. I have done push-up challenges before and I was so proud of myself by the end so I am planning on replicating that. I can do about 0.7 toe pushups in a row so these will likely definitely be done in a modified form. I’ll be ready for some suns out guns out by the time may rolls around.


April is going to be a good month! Once I get this foot strain sorted out I will be back in action. After spin class last night it was a tad sore and it broke my heart that I could still feel the foot ligament strain. I am still taking it day by day and I haven’t run since Friday. It’s killing me! Ice, rest, elevate, repeat.

Anyone with April goals?!

What was the best part of your March?


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