Happy Easter PANCAKES.

My parents are driving home from Winnipeg today so it is up to my brother and I to make Easter dinner. This should be interesting. We both actually love to cook and experiment with recipes so I think my parents are in for a treat! My mom is also finishing up lent this weekend so I should probably bake brownies or something to put her into a sugar coma after not having chocolate and candy for 46 days!



I thought this post was going to be a Pinterest fail but it turned out to be a Pinterest WIN! I saw THIS photo on Pinterest and decided I had to replicate it! Making an Easter bunny with pancakes, yes please! How freakin’ adorable is this?!

toes and panckaes

I used a pretty basic pancake recipe but because lots of peeps ask about my breakfast recipes I decided to actually write it down as I was making it so I would remember! They are simple whole wheat pancakes, sweetened with maple syrup and banana, and with the fat source of olive oil. I have tried recipes without the oil and using apple sauce or more banana instead but the pancakes always stick to the griddle and don’t get that crispness on the outside. They usually taste alright but a tiny tiny tiny splash of olive oil makes a high difference.

easter pancakes

I mix all ingredients in one bowl while the pancake griddle is heating up. I set the griddle to 375 degrees, and when I flip the pancakes I turn it down to 350 degrees. Once the pancake batter is mixed, pour one large circle, one small circle, and four small raindrop shapes onto the griddle. Once the edges have started to set and the tops have bubbled, flip and turn down the griddle slightly. Cook for another few minutes until they are equally brown on each side. Arrange the pieces on a plate. If you want to add the bunny features, for the bunny tail I used vanilla yogurt and shredded coconut, banana slices and chocolate chips for feet.

bunny pancakes

I still can’t get over how cute that bunny is. So simple but so adorable. My brother was eating M&Ms yesterday… like this. I think everyone in my family may be a tiny bit OCD.


Happy Easter, I hope you are enjoying a lovely long weekend with your family, friends, and chocolate… all of the most important things in life. If you want to check out last year’s easter post you will find out how I discovered my favourite chocolate bar ever, and how to eat 3817501 Mini Eggs in one day. Good times. 😉


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