Hikes to do in Summer 2015.

Of course you know that I am going to be hiking the West Coast Trail this summer with my dad in August! It’s funny because I was more concerned about healing my metatarsal stress fracture in order to hike 75km with my dad than I was about one silly marathon (Calgary Marathon May 31). The WCT is a once in a lifetime chance to explore some of the most beautiful backpacking country and with one of my favourite people?! This injury really helped me realize my priorities!

I am hoping to get some quality hiking done throughout the spring and summer in order to get some more experience before the WCT. I have made a list of a few hikes I definitely want to complete this year!

Sulphur Skyline

4.0km to skyline summit; near Jasper, AB

Hiking the Sulpher Skyline in Jasper

Whistlers Mountain

8.3km to Whistlers summit; near Jasper, AB


Harvey Pass

9.5km one way; near Banff, AB


Paradise Valley & Giant Steps

10.9km one way; near Paradise Valley, AB


Fairview Mountain

5.1km to summit; near Lake Louise, AB


So that’s where I’ll be this summer 😉 Is it wrong that I specifically aligned my work schedule to have every second week free for a hike or two. I will still be going to school all summer which is why I haven’t written a typical ‘Hallelujah, I’m free!’ post, but I can’t wait to get outside this summer and start exploring some more hiking trails. Every time I pass Mount Yamnuska when I drive west from Calgary I shout, “I HIKED THAT!” and tell everyone about how it hailed when I got to the summit of that hike!

Enjoy your Sunday and tell me about one thing on your Summer 2015 bucket list!!


  1. I tried to get Braydon to do hike the sulphur skyline trail last summer, but he wouldn’t go for it. But he was all for doing the switchback under the gondola…

  2. I’ve heard the skyline trail also makes for a great run!
    The one thing I want to do this summer is run the trail from Banff to Canmore.

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